BREAKING: Newark, DE Meter Manipulation

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Are you still angry over the City of Newark’s lies about the recently proposed Power Plant?

As more and more information is being revealed, it is clear that the City Administration has been constantly lying to its citizens, as well as scheming behind our backs.

And as a result, the fear of a lawsuit has been hanging in the air.

Well, guess what — they’re at it again!

The City Administration once again got their way to spend $300,000 for ‘smart parking meters.’

To make things worse, Council recently approved clearing any unused time off of the meters —

— but keeping the unused money for themselves.

Then we caught key City Administrators deceiving the public and the Council members immediately before that vote took place.

They said it was impossible to refund unused money. We decided to call the manufacturer to verify and found out:

It’s absolutely possible.

But now, with new information that we’ve uncovered, their house of cards is not just about to fall —

— their entire environment of corruption is about to burn.

Emails from city staff members reveal what has been going on behind the scenes and to no surprise: They are at it again, further conspiring against YOU and your fellow residents.

Questions about the transparency abound, yet City Manager Carol Houck writes on August 27th,

“That would have been a good think (sic) to share but I am sure someone would not like that.”

Question: Who is Carol Houck to decide what information is relevant for us to know as tax-paying residents?

On August 13, Planning Director Maureen Feeney Roser and Councilman Stu Markham discuss how the residents can be duped into supporting the meter clearing by equating it to an equivalent tax hike.

A Council Member conspiring behind the scenes against his residents! Is he there to serve his constituents or the City staff?

And it gets worse –– the scheming continues.

Deputy City Manager Andrew Haines schemes with other city employees on August 13:

“Sounds like [Councilman] Stu [Markham] favors, or more so does not object, to clearing the meters. I think the risk of just letting it go would allow [Councilman] Rob [Gifford]’s voice to lead the conversation, which would most likely result in banning the act of clearing.”

That was a City staff worker conspiring to silence the opinion of a council member.

Finally, Planning Director Feeney Roser shows her true colors again with another opinion-squelching revelation on June 17:

Perhaps we should plan to tag team the presentation so we don’t give a chance to pontificate before all is explained. I think that will make for the most persuasive presentation.”

Don’t give the residents and council a chance to think about what is being said? What are they trying to hide?

When will the lies and manipulations end? Only when we force them to.

Council should be driving the show.

Please let your council member know you are fed up with the business as usual.

Click here and sign this petition to let your council members know that should be representing the residents.

And we will continue to attend the Newark City Council meetings to keep you informed. Feel free to join us anytime and let the Council know how you feel.

Next Council Meeting:

Monday, September 22nd at 7:00 PM
Newark Municipal Building
220 South Main Street (Elkton Rd)

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Delaware Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The City of Newark staff is at it again with lies and behind the scenes manipulation to achieve their will.

Recent documents have exposed their dirty dealings.

Make your council member know that they are basing their voting decision on dirty information –– and that you want them to change their voting patterns and repeal some recent bad votes.

Specifically, the decision to buy these parking meters needs to be repealed and the meters returned.

Click Here to SIGN THE PETITION to stop the city from acting against our will NOW!

Source documents released by FOIA.
Condensed Version and Full Version