Budget Season in Newark: Higher Taxes & More Wasteful Spending

Starting TONIGHT, it’s budget season in Newark for the next two weeks.

Do you know what Newark City Council has been wasting your money on?

Every year… the City of Newark collects more tax revenue than ever before.

Every year… City Council claims they are broke and need to tax you more.

So, where does the money go?

Get ready. We’re about to tell you.

It definitely isn’t being spent on the critical infrastructure repairs that should be #1 priority.

They have been neglecting the storm water drains for decades — even running critical utility feeds through them as they are crumbling!

They don’t pay attention to complaints from homeowners and businesses that their properties are being flooded.

They don’t even seem to care about traffic accidents on flooded streets.

Recently, the City Manager and Council spent . . .

  • An “unspecified amount” to give City Department Managers a 3% raise
  • $73,360 on a Municipal Building Security Upgrades “Report” (ordered by staff without Council approval)
  • $85,100 for a new Building Access Security System
  • $93,085 for Voice over Internet Protocol phones
  • $100,000 to renovate 25 Tree Pits on Main St.
  • $157,000 to install drains under a Little League field
  • $517,410 on legal expenses to work around and/or cover up the negligence and malfeasance of the City Manager & other staff members  during the Data Center/Power Plant fiasco
  • Plus many, even more wasteful pet projects, which we will be highlighting by email over the next two weeks!

And they are in the process of planning even more for the coming year.

We don’t have anything against tree pits or baseball field drains; we just consider them lower priority than safe streets and preventing storm water from flooding our homes and businesses.

Now the Mayor and Council want to raise your water rates AGAIN — and still none of this money is targeted for storm water drain repairs.

For that, they are planning to DOUBLE DOWN on tax increases and push for a citywide Rain Tax.

We need to tell them to use the money they already receive on the high priority projects of storm drain and road repairs first.

Come to the Newark City Council Meeting TONIGHT November 24th at 7pm and tell them “NO WATER RATE HIKE!”

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The City of Newark wastes hundreds of thousands of dollars on low priority projects.

Then they claim to not have enough money and keep raising your taxes!

Come to the Newark City Council Meeting TONIGHT, November 24th at 7pm and tell them “NO WATER RATE HIKE!”