Elsmere Gun Vote this Thursday

Campaign for Liberty

The powerful gun lobby has been working overtime to overpower your efforts to stop Elsmere Mayor Steve Burg’s latest assault on the Second Amendment right of self-defense.

In the wake of the Oregon shootings, Mayor Burg is continuing down the path of creating more “Gun Free Zones” for criminals to prioritize as easy targets in your own backyard.

I hope you agree that these Gun Free Zone policies across the country, especially on educational campuses, have produced nothing but fear and casualties.

Two bills will be up for council vote this Thursday, October 8, at 6:30 p.m., at Elsmere Town Hall.

The first, Ordinance 603, will repeal the prohibition of firearms in the town parklands. That’s a good idea, but some council members are planning to vote the wrong way.

The second, Ordinance 604, will prohibit open carry in all Elsmere municipal buildings. According to our sources, four council members are planning to pass this outrageous ordinance.

Please call the following council members and tell them to respect the rights of our citizens and town workers to protect themselves.

VOTE YES on 603, and VOTE NO on 604!

1st District: John Jaremchuck: 302-994-0672
2nd District: Ted Pfirmann: 302-482-3366
3rd District: Robert Kacperski: 302-995-0299
5th District: Joann Personti: 302-998-6608
6th District: Deborah Norkavage: 302-995-0716

And please attend the council meeting this Thursday at Elsmere Town Hall to voice your displeasure with the mayor’s anti-Second Amendment agenda.

We cannot allow the irresponsible policies of Gun Free Zones to continue in Elsmere. We cannot stand for the above politicians to put the lives of more people at risk.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The Elsmere Town Council will be taking TWO major votes on the irresponsible policy of Gun Free Zones this Thursday, October 8, at 6:30 p.m. Please attend and urge them to Vote YES on Ordinance 603, and Vote NO on Ordinance 604!

Gun control in Elsmere

Campaign for Liberty

I wish I had better news, but the town of Elsmere may become the second municipality in Delaware to outlaw your right to personal self-defense in municipal buildings next month.

Your State Senator Patricia Blevins was a sponsor of anti-gun House Bill 192 earlier this year, which passed on the last day of session and was signed by Jack Markell in August.

House Bill 192 effectively erased the long-standing, state preemption protection of your Second Amendment rights. With this piece of legislation, every municipality in our state can write their own laws against your right to carry in a municipal building.

But it’s more than that. This legislation also set a precedent the gun control lobby is salivating over. One of their ultimate goals is to create an open season for local governments to erode and destroy our constitutional, Second Amendment rights.

The city of Lewes passed their gun ban a few months ago, but their Chief of Police refuses to enforce it, stating that he cannot enforce an unconstitutional ordinance!

Now, we need your help to push back on the Mayor of Elsmere’s anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Mayor Steve Burg has made it his personal mission to see gun ban legislation passed in Elsmere. He collaborated with Newark lobbyist Rick Armitage to craft House Bill 192 as part of their participation in the “League of Local Governments.

Last month, thinking his victory was just one vote away after House Bill 192 passed in Dover, he called in regional television and radio media for the big event.

But much to his embarrassment, the council shot him down and sent him packing.

I don’t know what arms have been twisted or by whom since then, but he is bringing it back up again at the October 8 Council Meeting and promising he has the votes to advance his anti-gun agenda.

Currently, only Councilman Ed Zielinski of District 4 has publicly stated he has not changed his vote. He will continue to vote NO on any anti-gun legislation. But we have no written or public statements from other council members.

If Mayor Steve Burg has the votes for his gun ban, three of the following council members have changed their position on your constitutional rights. Please give them a call and urge them to VOTE “NO” on the Burg Ban:

1st District, John Jaremchuck: 302-994-0672

2nd District, Ted Pfirmann: 302-482-3366

3rd District, Robert Kacperski: 302-995-0299

5th District, Joann Personti: 302-998-6608

6th District, Deborah Norkavage: 302-995-0716

There is no excuse for council members who seemingly understand the Constitution one month but change their position the next.

It’s important that you call these council members today and demand they not join Mayor Burg’s stomping on your right of self-defense.

Please call the council members listed above and tell them, “Vote No to the Burg Ban in Elsmere!”

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Next month in Elsmere, Mayor Steve Burg is making his second attempt to pass a gun ban in the town’s municipal buildings, leaving Elsmere residents without their Second Amendment right to self-defense.

This “Burg Ban” would set a precedent allowing municipalities to write their own gun control laws, the same dangerous road that state preemption protection had guarded against for all these years.

Please call the council members listed above and voice your opposition to Mayor Steve’s “Burg Ban” today.