Some Thoughts on the Article V Issue, by Tom DeWeese

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Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.


I’ve written many articles in the past concerning my opposition to a Constitutional Convention (Con Con). I’ve also helped in successful fights in Ohio and Kansas to stop Con Con Resolutions. But recently there is a new twist in the effort to amend the Constitution to preserve freedom. It’s called an Article V Convention of the States. Proponents say it answers my concerns over the dangers of a Con Con, and so many activists have asked me where I stand on this new effort. So here are a few thoughts.I certainly feel the pain of patriotic Americans over the state of our Constitution. The original document has been basically put in a museum on Connecticut Ave. in Washington, DC and forgotten. We are told it is old and outdated. Not relevant to today’s age of technology, and moral reality. Old guys in powdered wigs wrote it. They knew nothing about instant communications, international terrorists, and besides, they were slave owners. How could their ideas possibly be relevant to us today? I’m sure Nancy Pelosi never read the Constitution because she would have had to pass it through Congress before she could find out what’s in it. For Obama, it’s just a road block keeping him from his need to change the country.

Well, you’ve all heard those arguments. The result is a government out of control. Spending is skyrocketing. Gun rights are under siege. Obamacare…right! Property rights, American industry, the dollar, personal privacy, and even our ability to choose the foods we want to eat, are all disappearing under an out-of-control government.

Something has to be done. There are those who argue that we can’t wait to try to elect the right kind of representatives in Congress and the White House. We have to take matters into our own hands immediately.

We have to see that the Constitution is strengthened to assure a balanced budged. Some have gone so far as to declare 10 Amendments for Freedom, including a plan to repay the national debt, enforce legislative transparency, a line item veto, term limits, immigration control, English as the national language, only U.S. laws over America, no socialism and a government bound by “In God we Trust.” And there are amendment ideas floating around to assure the Constitution is sound and strong for future generations.

Few of us would disagree with most of these ideas. They are put forth by respected leaders who have a record of promoting limited and Constitutional government. But how do we put these plans into action?

Radio host Mark Levin wrote a compelling book suggesting that there is a pressure valve written into Article V of the Constitution that shows us the way, through a convention of the states – an Article V Convention, as it is called. And we are assured that this is not a Constitutional Convention (Con Con) through which states call on Congress to convene. Too dangerous they tell us – and I agree.

No, an Article V Convention is different. We are told that the term Constitutional Convention or Con Con is inaccurate. That an Article V Convention is designed to precisely avoid the need for a Con Con. Specifically an Article V Convention is a meeting of the states -out of the control of Congress and the Pelosis of the nation. Each state will get one vote, and that will prevent a runaway convention that could result in the gutting of the Constitution. And through such a process, the states can control the agenda of the convention and therefore pass Mark Levin’s freedom amendments. It’s that simple. Moreover, the idea has captured the support of major Conservative leadership, including Sean Hannity, Home School leader Michael Farris, former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, commentator Tim Baldwin, the Goldwater Institute, and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and many more. All well respected leaders and advocates of limited government and Constitutional law.

I won’t begin to question them, their integrity, or their honorable intentions. I believe most are sincere in their concern and desire to save our Republic. But I have a few questions and observations.

First, what is the real issue here? What is the real reason why we have to even consider trying to redefine what the Founders meant our government to be? After all, it’s all in the Constitution already. Article V advocates, and Conservative movement in general, will readily tell you that the real issue is that our government, from the White House, to Congress, to the Supreme Court, are failing or refusing to follow Constitutional Law. They ignore it. So, say Article V proponents, that’s why we must amend the Constitution to assure our freedoms are guaranteed.

But, here is my real question for Article V advocates: If government today refuses to follow the Constitution, what will change once it is amended with the Articles of Freedom? What motivation will suddenly drive the Obamas and Pelosis to say “oh, the Constitution is the law of the land and we must follow it?” Especially when they oppose those freedom amendments for the same reasons they today ignore the entire Constitution. The Progressives who are in charge simply do not believe in balanced budgets, gun rights, and control of our borders. In addition, they really don’t care what a majority of Americans want, either. So an argument that the passage of the amendments will confirm that Americans want such a government cuts no ice with them.

Frankly, I believe that if we don’t change the atmosphere and mind set in the nation to one that supports the ideas behind our Constitution (free markets, individual liberty, limited government, and private property rights), then all the amendments in the world aren’t going to change the drive toward more and more government. The place to start that effort is by working to take back control of our local school systems, out of the clutches of the Federal Department of Education. Then, if we do first succeed in changing the mind-set of the nation to accept our ideas, a convention won’t be needed, We will have the necessary support around the nation to elect the right kind or representatives to restore Constitutional law through their legislative action. That, I believe, is the real task that lies ahead of us. There is no short cut or silver bullet around it.

Second. As I listen to Article V proponents make their arguments about how they’re going to bring about change – that they are going to bring all of these states together, hold a convention and pass their amendments, they seem to ignore the very existence of the Progressive movement that today controls nearly every aspect of our governing process. What do Article V proponents think these forces are going to do while the convention process is going on? Here’s what my research has found. Progressive groups like the Open Society Institute, the Center for American Progress, and the American Constitutional Society, to name a few, all groups funded by George Soros, are behind a movement for a more “Progressive Constitution.” They are simply not going to let conservatives have the playing field to themselves. They will use every trick, spending every dollar in their bulging war chests, to assure they control the process. Tim Baldwin has written with great vigor in support of the Article V Convention. But I think it is interesting to note that his father, Chuck Baldwin, former Constitution Party presidential candidate, author, columnist and a personal friend of mine, was quoted in a World Net Daily column in 2009, entitled “Globalists ‘Salivating’ over Collapse of America,” said, “The globalists who currently control Washington, D.C., and Wall Street are, no doubt, salivating over the opportunity to officially dismantle America’s independence and national sovereignty, and establish North American Union — in much the same way that globalists created the European Union. A new Constitutional Convention is exactly the tool they need to cement their sinister scheme into law.” Yes, Chuck was talking about a Con Con, but what will be different in an Article V Convention of the States if the Progressives get into the process?

Third I have a great concern over how the Article V Convention is being promoted. I have been an activist all of my life. I have seen pretty much every tactic used by powerful forces who are trying to railroad the people. The tactics always seem to be the same. Use the facilitation process to bring people into the fold, control the debate, and attack the opposition with accusations of deceit and fringe ideas. I have many times been awarded a tin foil hat by such forces for advocating ideas contrary to their vision for America. So, I’m a little sensitive to such tactics when I see them. And I know that the Tea Party is well aware of such tactics. That, in fact, is one of the things that motivates true Tea Party patriots to take action against rich, powerful, DC based groups which try to usurp or control the Tea Party. Yet, these are exactly the tactics I see being employed today by Article V proponents. Some of my associates have attempted to speak out at meetings where Article V is being promoted, and are not allowed the floor. That should sound familiar to Ron Paul supporters who have had microphones yanked out of their hands or turned off at state conventions. A couple of my friends have even been asked to represent the anti-Article V position. But, while the Article V proponent is given all the time he wants, the opposition is usually allowed only a few minutes to make their case. If the TeaParty is opposed to such tactics by County Commissioners, legislative committees, or Republican leadership at state conventions – then why don’t they question it at their own meetings? A full, open debate is always healthy in a free society. A deliberate attempt to silence opposition should cause people to question the motives of the perpetrators.

Finally, the proponents of Article V take great comfort in reciting the powerful names of those supporting their efforts. As I said, many are very respected leaders of the Conservative movement. But, how dare they deride in such nasty fashion, those who oppose them? They’ve called Phyllis Schlafly an old lady and out of touch. Phyllis was fighting for the Constitution when most of these Article V proponents were still in school. She risked everything she had to stop the Progressives’ Equal Rights Amendment. Home school advocate Mike Farris has called the John Birch Society evil. JBS has been unwavering in its dedication to the Constitution through the dark days of Communist infiltration of the 1950’s to today’s fight against Agenda 21. The fact is, I was forced to part ways with Mike Farris and his tactics in the 1990s. At the time I was heavily engaged in a three year war to stop the destruction of our public school system through the “reforms” known as Goals 2000, School-to-Work and The Work Force Development Act. Today, these “reforms” have morphed onto Common Core. When we had a chance to stop them in the 1990s, Mike Farris refused to support my efforts against the Work Force Development Boards, saying they didn’t affect home schoolers! I considered that a betrayal to every student in the nation.

It is with great pain that I acknowledge that some people I really respect have joined the Article V effort. But I can’t join them because, to me, something really smells about this Article V movement. Its arguments don’t past scrutiny. Its tactics are underhanded. Its source of funding is not in the open. I think honest Tea Party members and dedicated freedom activists should ask a lot of questions before risking our precious Constitution to their lot.

Newark Anti-Gun Vote this Monday!

Campaign for Liberty

On November 9, 2015, the city of Newark began the process of putting its residents in harm’s way. Without your help, they will complete that process this Monday, January 11.

The Newark City Council unanimously approved the first reading of Bill 15-32 last November, which would enact the state’s “Armitage Gun Ban,” named after the specific lobbyist who rammed it through the state legislature . . .

. . . restricting every law abiding citizen’s right to defend themselves in municipal buildings.

They took the dangerous first step toward creating another “Gun Free Zone,” which we hear about so much due to the crimes that so often occur in them.

And this Monday, January 11, in the Municipal Council chamber at 220 South Main Street, the council will have their second and final vote on this irresponsible, anti-self-defense policy.

Call these council members and urge them to VOTE NO on Armitage Gun Ban Bill 15-32:

Mayor Polly Sierer: 302-690-1741
Mark Morehead: 302-521-9525
Todd Ruckle: 302-893-1601
Robert Gifford: 302-803-0451
Margrit Hadden: 302-983-9087
Luke Chapman: 302-293-7639
Stu Markham: 302-456-1755

And please take a minute to sign our Armitage Gun Ban petition, letting them know we will not tolerate them turning our residents and town employees into helpless victims.

We read in the newspaper time and again how recent massacres in schools, movie theaters, and the like are a major problem. Of course, they highlight the “need for further gun restrictions.”

What those articles fail to connect is that all of the examples they cite are massacres occurring in so-called “Gun Free” zones.

They SHOULD be called “Criminal Protection Zones”!

Once you realize these criminals may be evil – not stupid – the connection is obvious.

They target Gun Free Zones because they know it’s where they will have the most impact – places where most people are rendered defenseless by irresponsible, anti-gun policies.

It is entirely possible that some of Newark’s elected officials were not able to make that connection prior to the meeting.

However, several people spoke at the meetings informing them of these facts and letting them know this bill could put people in harm’s way.

And yet they passed the first reading anyway. . . unanimously.

It is tough for me to conclude anything other than these elected officials actually want to make their residents vulnerable.

With all of the facts before them, I do not know what other conclusion to come to.

Last April, they hired Richard Armitage, a seasoned NRA lobbyist from Maryland, to lobby Delaware state politicians on behalf of the city of Newark and help spread the Mayor’s irrational, anti-gun agenda statewide.

And even though one Newark Council member questioned whether there would be a conflict of interest, lobbyist Armitage still accepted the position and the city council voted to hire him.

Soon after, he offered proposed legislation to them for an “optional” city municipal building ban, even admitting to the council that NRA “helped write the bill.

Armitage strategized in meetings of the Delaware League of Local Governments, sought out sponsors to ram his legislation through the State House and Senate, and saw it through in less than 2 weeks time.

The people of the state of Delaware had no time to hear about it, read it, or react – by design.

Armitage Gun Ban Bill 15-32 will come up for its second and FINAL reading on Monday, January 11.

We must make it perfectly clear that this bill must not go through.

Newark Council Meeting
Monday, January 11, from 7-9 p.m.
220 South Main Street
Newark, DE 19711

We must not allow the bill to become law by passing the second reading.

Please call these council members and urge them to VOTE NO on Armitage Gun Ban Bill 15-32:

Mayor Polly Sierer: 302-690-1741
Mark Morehead: 302-521-9525
Todd Ruckle: 302-893-1601
Robert Gifford: 302-803-0451
Margrit Hadden: 302-983-9087
Luke Chapman: 302-293-7639
Stu Markham: 302-456-1755

Tell them their vote will be a clear statement on whether or not they understand how pro-Second Amendment policies keep people safe.

We will report the results of their vote next week.

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
New Castle County Coordinator
Delaware Campaign for Liberty

P.S. On November 9, 2015, Newark’s Council began the process to turn city buildings into gun free zones. The second and FINAL reading will be this Monday, January 11, at 7 p.m.

The last thing we need is another gun free zone, such as the ones we hear about in the news where all of the mass shootings are occurring.

Call the council members above. Urge them to VOTE NO on Bill 15-32!

And sign the Armitage Gun Ban petition to send a clear message that “Gun Free,” Criminal Protection Zones for criminals is irresponsible city policy.

P.P.S. Thank you for your continued support of liberty. To help us defray our costs and continue our efforts, please consider making a donation to Campaign for Liberty by clicking here.

Delaware Con Con

Campaign for Liberty

This year in Dover, your General Assembly will be considering a dangerous measure that may spell the end for the U.S. Constitution as we know it.

Last year, Senator Bryan Townsend (D-11) introduced a dangerous Article V application, S.C.R. 6, in the Delaware Legislature.

The resolution attempts to utilize the untested “convention” process to propose and ratify amendments to the federal Constitution . . .

. . . and Townsend’s resolution calls for the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case to be overturned!

Senator Townsend’s progressive resolution passed the Delaware Senate last year in a party line vote of 11 – 8, with two senators too scared to even cast votes.

Now, the bill has already progressed out of the House Administration Committee and sits on the House Ready List, available for a vote in the even more liberal House of Representatives.

I’m afraid if you and I aren’t able to show massive opposition to S.C.R. 6, our most valued rights could be utterly dismantled.

Please sign our petition to prevent an Article V Constitutional Convention right away!

As you well know, the federal government has operated outside of the constitutional boundaries originally laid out by the Founders for decades.

Unfortunately, instead of holding the politicians in DC accountable for violating the Constitution, misguided politicians all over the country are attempting to solve the problem by simply amending the Constitution . . .

. . . the same Constitution politicians currently refuse to abide by!

However, there is an even bigger problem with the Article V Convention process.

Simply put, because it has never been attempted, none of the self-proclaimed “experts” know what will happen at a convention if they get their way.

And that’s just one reason Delaware Campaign for Liberty opposes an Article V Convention.

The Constitution itself doesn’t spell out the convention process or how delegates should be chosen.

So progressive activists will be able to use their money and influence to affect the entire process.

In fact, several George Soros and Bloomberg-funded left-wing front groups are actively clamoring for a constitutional convention, including organizations like the Center for Media and Democracy, Code Pink, the Sierra Club, and the secretive Wolf-PAC.

Soros and his pals want to use their dominance over powerful liberal states like California, Illinois, and New York to limit free speech or repeal the individual right to bear arms.

ANY Article V Convention proposal would put all of our rights on the chopping block, because it gives unelected, unaccountable delegates free rein to rewrite the entire Constitution.

That’s why it’s so important we stop the politicians in Dover before it’s too late!

Please call and email the following ultra-left-wing sponsors and tell them to reverse course and oppose a dangerous Article V Convention!

Rep. Tim Dukes (R-Laurel)
[email protected]

Rep. Bryon Short (D-Highland Woods)
[email protected]

Rep. Paul Baumbach (D-Newark)
[email protected]

Rep. Quinn Johnson (D-Middletown)
[email protected]

Rep. Helene Keeley (D-South Wilmington)
[email protected]

Rep. Sean Lynn (D-Dover)
[email protected]

Rep. Sean Matthews (D-Talleyville)
[email protected]

Rep. John Mitchell (D-Elsmere)
[email protected]

Rep. Edward Osienski (D-Newark)
[email protected]

Rep. Trey Paradee (D-Cheswold)
[email protected]

Rep. Kim Williams (D-Newport, Stanton)
[email protected]

Rep. John Kowalko (D-South Newark)
[email protected]

Do you trust the progressive organizations calling for an Article V Convention to do the right thing and rein in the federal government?

Do you trust the powerful special interests, backed by George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and their ilk to do the right thing?

If not, click here to sign our petition to prevent an Article V Constitutional Convention!

Then please get on the phone and urge the left-wing politicians listed above to remove their names from Democrat Bryan Townsend’s Senate Concurrent Resolution 6.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
State Coordinator
Delaware Campaign for Liberty

P.S. An Article V Convention is dangerous and will likely hand our Constitution over to committed leftists like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

Here are a few more reasons it just won’t work:

*** Delegates will be selected by the political elite with little or no recourse for their actions.
*** Once assembled, the convention would be pure chaos.
*** Any number of constitutional amendments could be considered, regardless of what your lawmakers say. Every single word of the Constitution is subject to change.

Click here to sign our petition to prevent an Article V Constitutional Convention!

Then call and email the legislators listed above and tell them to reverse course and oppose a dangerous Article V Convention!

Stop the Armitage Gun Bans

Campaign for Liberty

The powerful anti-gun lobby is close to grabbing their next Delaware victory.

This time, they’re in the city of Newark. Will your town be next?

You may not be familiar with the behind-the-scenes effort that has been taking place to restrict your gun rights and create more “gun-free zones,” but . . .

. . . thanks to the efforts of a longtime NRA lobbyist from Maryland, Richard Armitage, more gun rights are being removed in municipal and county buildings all across the state.

The anti-gun city council in Lewes was the first to act in July before the Governor even signed the Armitage Bans into law, then Bethany Beach, Delaware City, Dover, Elsmere, Newport, and Townsend passed their “Armitage Gun Bans.”

Now, officials in Delmar, Middletown and Wilmington are preparing to strip away 2nd Amendment rights.

The final vote in Newark is scheduled for Monday, January 11th. If this next anti-gun ordinance is passed, citizens will no longer have the right to openly carry and defend themselves in Newark’s municipal buildings.

And that’s how they get your gun rights, chipping away one small piece at a time, one local council at a time.

It also strengthens every municipal building’s profile as a so-called “gun free zone,” where all recent mass shooting tragedies have been taking place!

Honestly, I’m outraged by this compromised erosion of our liberty and safety. I hope you’re fired up, too.

Please sign our “Stop the Armitage Gun Bans” petition today to show your support for the Second Amendment and citizen self-defense.

The City Administration in Newark, and particularly Mayor Polly Sierer, has long been hostile to citizens having any ability to defend themselves with anything from firearms to tasers.

In April, they hired a seasoned NRA lobbyist from Maryland, Richard Armitage, to also lobby Delaware state politicians on behalf of the City of Newark and help spread their radical agendas statewide.

And even though one Newark council member questioned whether there would be a conflict of interest, lobbyist Armitage still accepted the position and the city council voted to hire him.

Soon after, he offered proposed legislation to them for an “optional” city municipal building ban, even admitting to council that the NRA “helped write the bill.” He then sought out sponsors to ram his legislation through the state House and Senate.

To get around the state preemption law, which forbids lower governments from enacting gun restrictions on their own, Armitage made the gun bans “optional,” causing gun grabbing officials in the Delaware League of Local Governments to salivate over the opportunity to take away more firearms freedom.

House Bill 192 was introduced on June 16th by State Senators Patricia Blevins and Representative John Mitchell, both anti-gunners from the City of Elsmere.

They even replicated the language into House Bill 201 to remove similar gun rights in county buildings.

Both Armitage bills passed in the chambers of the legislature in Dover by July 1st. Governor Markell then signed the Armitage Gun Bans into law on August 17th.

In other words, lobbyist Armitage was successful in ramming two anti-gun bills through the legislature in less than 2 weeks . . .

. . . leaving no time for citizens to learn or voice opinion about the 2nd Amendment infringements.

Since then, multiple anti-gun city councils, such as Elsmere, Seaford and Lewes, have already jumped at the chance to take away your constitutional rights of self-defense.

I hope you agree that it’s absolutely outrageous for an NRA lobbyist from Maryland to be peddling anti-2nd Amendment laws as a dual agent for gun grabbing city councils in Delaware.

That’s why I also hope you will sign our “Stop the Armitage Gun Bans” petition today.

If you live in Newark, your council’s vote is on January 11th.

If you do not live in Newark, call your city and county council members right away and voice your opposition to the Armitage Gun Bans.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The City of Newark’s administration has hired a longtime NRA lobbyist from Maryland to operate as a dual agent and push their radical anti-gun agenda across the state.

Lewes, Seaford and Elsmere have already banned open carry for self-defense in their buildings, raising their profiles as extremely dangerous “gun free zones.”

The vote in Newark is January 11th. Will your town be next?

Please sign our “Stop the Armitage Gun Bans” petition today and call your local government officials to voice your opposition on this latest erosion of your 2nd Amendment rights.

P.P.S. Thank you for your continued support of liberty. To help us defray our costs and continue our efforts, please consider making a donation to Campaign for Liberty by clicking here.

Eleven Million Dollar Handout

Campaign for Liberty

Most people complain about government corruption and sweetheart deals, but few of us know about the ones in our own backyard.

The politicians in Dover are professionals in this arena. There are times that municipal leaders are even better than them.

But recent activity in New Castle County is having ripple effects on every taxpayer in the state.

In the midst of massive, bloating government across Delaware – from a $100 million looming deficit at the state capitol to the rise of school tax hike referendums . . .

. . . New Castle County’s government is set to finalize an $11 million taxpayer handout to five well-connected farmers in the Port Penn area.

And the program they are receiving this money through, the “New Castle County Farmland and Open Space Preservation Program,” was not even created by a vote from the county council!

We will be covering this in depth at our meeting, as well as updates on our fight against gun control and a forecast on that legislation next year, in the Bear Library this Wednesday, October 28, at 7:00 p.m. (More details below.)

The State Department of Agriculture has a Farmland Preservation program, which is considered one of the best in the country.

They are graded by the amount of land prohibited from development versus the amount of taxpayer money given to farmers for that agreement.

In other words, the state annually gives farmers money for the promise of not contracting with developers.

And while the act of using taxpayer dollars to pay off selected people and control the market is unconstitutional, the First State is at least less costly to the taxpayer and more efficient than other states. So those of us who oppose the program should also oppose any attempts to make it more costly and inefficient.

The state program looks at all of the applications each year and awards those who will preserve the most land value per taxpayer dollar.

But the existing program does not pick your pockets enough for a few farmers in New Castle County. They wanted to “get rich quick,” and someone behind the scenes decided to use a county-level program to make it happen.

They have even struck a deal to pay their crony buddies TEN TIMES the average award price, paying them for every acre, and still allow them to develop up to 40% of their land.

So much for “preservation”!

Awards at the state level typically fall between $1,400 and $1,800 an acre to “preserve” farmland for roughly 10 years.

The farmer keeps their land, continues to farm it, but the contract to prohibit development stays with the property even if they sell it to someone else.

New Castle County’s inaugural handouts for its first five farmers top out around $26,800 an acre.

Yes, you are reading that correctly.

The state program averages under $2,000 an acre, but New Castle County is giving away the store at $20,000+ an acre – with only half of the money coming from your federal tax dollars.

And your state tax dollars are getting thrown in as well.

The first two farmers demanded $6.3 Million in 2014 and their deals have been held up in this swirling controversy. The county said they could secure $3 Million, which the feds would match, bringing the deal $300,000 short.

That’s when State Senators Bethany Hall-Long (D-10th) and Bruce Ennis (D-14th) got involved, inserting a $300,000 appropriation for “New Castle County Farmland Initiative” into the state’s Bond Bill for 2015.

And every state legislator – both in the Senate and the House – voted YES on that Bond Bill, minus Rep. Jack Peterman, who was absent.

Here are the details for our meeting on Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 28, at 7 p.m.
Bear Library
101 Governors Place
Bear, DE 19701

Please join us for all of the details and the steps you can take to put a stop to this Farmland Preservation scam.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. $11 million taxpayer funds are at stake in one of the most brazen acts of cronyism to hit our state in recent memory. Even state and federal dollars are mixed up in the New Castle County “Farmland Preservation” scam.

Help us put a stop to these “Get Rich Quick” schemes. Please join us this Wednesday, October 28, at Bear Library, at 7 p.m.

And please also come prepared to organize against gun control at the municipal, county, and state level as we look ahead to 2016.

Elsmere Gun Vote this Thursday

Campaign for Liberty

The powerful gun lobby has been working overtime to overpower your efforts to stop Elsmere Mayor Steve Burg’s latest assault on the Second Amendment right of self-defense.

In the wake of the Oregon shootings, Mayor Burg is continuing down the path of creating more “Gun Free Zones” for criminals to prioritize as easy targets in your own backyard.

I hope you agree that these Gun Free Zone policies across the country, especially on educational campuses, have produced nothing but fear and casualties.

Two bills will be up for council vote this Thursday, October 8, at 6:30 p.m., at Elsmere Town Hall.

The first, Ordinance 603, will repeal the prohibition of firearms in the town parklands. That’s a good idea, but some council members are planning to vote the wrong way.

The second, Ordinance 604, will prohibit open carry in all Elsmere municipal buildings. According to our sources, four council members are planning to pass this outrageous ordinance.

Please call the following council members and tell them to respect the rights of our citizens and town workers to protect themselves.

VOTE YES on 603, and VOTE NO on 604!

1st District: John Jaremchuck: 302-994-0672
2nd District: Ted Pfirmann: 302-482-3366
3rd District: Robert Kacperski: 302-995-0299
5th District: Joann Personti: 302-998-6608
6th District: Deborah Norkavage: 302-995-0716

And please attend the council meeting this Thursday at Elsmere Town Hall to voice your displeasure with the mayor’s anti-Second Amendment agenda.

We cannot allow the irresponsible policies of Gun Free Zones to continue in Elsmere. We cannot stand for the above politicians to put the lives of more people at risk.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The Elsmere Town Council will be taking TWO major votes on the irresponsible policy of Gun Free Zones this Thursday, October 8, at 6:30 p.m. Please attend and urge them to Vote YES on Ordinance 603, and Vote NO on Ordinance 604!

Gun control moving forward in Delaware

Campaign for Liberty
The anti-Second Amendment efforts of politicians and powerful lobbyists just won’t stop.

Representative Robert Mitchell of Wilmington and Senator Patricia Blevins of Elsmere sponsored anti-gun House Bills 192 and 201 earlier this year, both of which were passed just after 1:00 AM on the last day of session and were signed by Jack Markell in August.

House Bills 192 and 201 virtually erased the long-standing, state preemption protection of your Second Amendment rights.

With their legislation, every county and municipality government in Delaware can now write their own laws against your right to carry in their buildings.

But it was more than that.

The legislation also set a precedent that the gun control lobby is salivating over. One of their ultimate goals is to create an open season for local governments to erode and destroy our constitutional, Second Amendment rights.

This legislation was a major step forward for the anti-gun lobby. And they are wasting no time in putting this new tool to use.

We need your help to keep pressure on your county, city, and town politicians. CLICK HERE to sign up to help out!

The City of Lewes passed their gun ban a few months ago, but their Chief of Police refuses to enforce it, saying he cannot enforce an unconstitutional ordinance!

The Mayor of Elsmere tried last month, but was shot down by his council in Senator Blevins’ own backyard!

After figuring out some legislative loopholes and twisting some arms, he vows to bring it up again on October 8, and says he’s confident he has enough anti-Second Amendment votes for victory.

Now, we need your help to push back on the anti-Second Amendment agenda in your county or municipality.

Please click here to become a local watchdog for anti-gun ordinances in your area.

This anti-gun legislation originated from Newark lobbyist Rick Armitage and a small group of city administrators who meet regularly as part of an organization called the “League of Local Governments.”

That small club of city administrators across Delaware have been scheming together to push their agenda at the state level – outside of their charge to dutifully serve the people of their towns and cities.

Adding an even stranger twist to this anti-Second Amendment effort, Rick Armitage also doubles as the registered lobbyist in Dover for the National Rifle Association.

Why would the NRA want to push anti-gun legislation, stripping you of your right to self-defense in public buildings?

Why would multi-client lobbyist Rick Armitage want to give criminals an open season on defenseless people in more “Gun Free Zones”?

We may never get answers to those questions, but now we have to deal with fighting the gun control agenda in every town and city across Delaware.

Eventually, we need to see House Bills 192 and 201 repealed.

But until then, I urge you to please sign up to handle the simple task of monitoring your town, city, or county council in defense of the Second Amendment.

Click here to take an active effort to push back against the Mitchell/Blevins/Armitage agenda against your constitutional, Second Amendment right to self-defense.

And make sure we have your local information correct, so we can keep you informed of anti-liberty actions in your backyard. Create or update your profile at

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Representative Robert Mitchell, Senator Patricia Blevins and professional lobbyist Rick Armitage worked together to push House Bills 192 and 201 through the state legislature this year.

Those bills effectively erased constitutional, state preemption protection of our Second Amendment rights. Now, we have to watch every local government carefully and keep pressure on local politicians to prevent local gun bans in public buildings.

Please click here to stand with the Second Amendment and sign up to handle the task of keeping an eye on your town, city, or county government.

Gun control in Elsmere

Campaign for Liberty

I wish I had better news, but the town of Elsmere may become the second municipality in Delaware to outlaw your right to personal self-defense in municipal buildings next month.

Your State Senator Patricia Blevins was a sponsor of anti-gun House Bill 192 earlier this year, which passed on the last day of session and was signed by Jack Markell in August.

House Bill 192 effectively erased the long-standing, state preemption protection of your Second Amendment rights. With this piece of legislation, every municipality in our state can write their own laws against your right to carry in a municipal building.

But it’s more than that. This legislation also set a precedent the gun control lobby is salivating over. One of their ultimate goals is to create an open season for local governments to erode and destroy our constitutional, Second Amendment rights.

The city of Lewes passed their gun ban a few months ago, but their Chief of Police refuses to enforce it, stating that he cannot enforce an unconstitutional ordinance!

Now, we need your help to push back on the Mayor of Elsmere’s anti-Second Amendment agenda.

Mayor Steve Burg has made it his personal mission to see gun ban legislation passed in Elsmere. He collaborated with Newark lobbyist Rick Armitage to craft House Bill 192 as part of their participation in the “League of Local Governments.

Last month, thinking his victory was just one vote away after House Bill 192 passed in Dover, he called in regional television and radio media for the big event.

But much to his embarrassment, the council shot him down and sent him packing.

I don’t know what arms have been twisted or by whom since then, but he is bringing it back up again at the October 8 Council Meeting and promising he has the votes to advance his anti-gun agenda.

Currently, only Councilman Ed Zielinski of District 4 has publicly stated he has not changed his vote. He will continue to vote NO on any anti-gun legislation. But we have no written or public statements from other council members.

If Mayor Steve Burg has the votes for his gun ban, three of the following council members have changed their position on your constitutional rights. Please give them a call and urge them to VOTE “NO” on the Burg Ban:

1st District, John Jaremchuck: 302-994-0672

2nd District, Ted Pfirmann: 302-482-3366

3rd District, Robert Kacperski: 302-995-0299

5th District, Joann Personti: 302-998-6608

6th District, Deborah Norkavage: 302-995-0716

There is no excuse for council members who seemingly understand the Constitution one month but change their position the next.

It’s important that you call these council members today and demand they not join Mayor Burg’s stomping on your right of self-defense.

Please call the council members listed above and tell them, “Vote No to the Burg Ban in Elsmere!”

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Next month in Elsmere, Mayor Steve Burg is making his second attempt to pass a gun ban in the town’s municipal buildings, leaving Elsmere residents without their Second Amendment right to self-defense.

This “Burg Ban” would set a precedent allowing municipalities to write their own gun control laws, the same dangerous road that state preemption protection had guarded against for all these years.

Please call the council members listed above and voice your opposition to Mayor Steve’s “Burg Ban” today.

They want you poor and defenseless

Campaign for Liberty

The efforts of the political class to increase your taxes and take away your liberties has not slowed one bit in the state of Delaware.

Our meeting in New Castle County next week will address some very important issues.

While school districts hold tax hike referendums across the state to continue funding their high-dollar executive administrations, your state government faces a $100 Million shortfall that will be addressed when the legislature returns in January.

House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf and Senate President Patricia Blevins are continuing to parrot the tired talking points of “decreased revenue” instead of admitting to their wasteful spending.

It’s a safe bet more tax hikes are on their agenda.

As if our fiscal woes were not enough, the powerful anti-gun lobby continued to strip away your ability to protect yourself during last year’s session.

House Bills 192 and 201 passed just after 1:00 a.m. on the final day of this year’s session, breaking the long-standing state preemption protection of your 2nd Amendment rights.

Now, every county and municipal government can pass gun bans in their public buildings, creating more “Gun Free Zones” for criminals to prey on the defenseless.

Please join us for our New Castle County meeting, where we will break down these new laws, the consequences of the legislation, and the politicians who passed it.

Wednesday, September 23, at 7 p.m.
Bear Library
101 Governors Place
Bear, DE 19701

We know what the end goal is for those who attack your liberty. They will continue to find ways to take your money and slice away at your constitutional rights.

Our freedom and prosperity needs more activists at the local and state levels. Please attend next Wednesday and help us advance liberty in our state.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Please join us at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, September 23, in Bear, DE as we battle the gun control agenda and prepare to fight back against tax hikes when the state legislature returns in January.

Follow Up: Referendums, Testing Opt Out, and Gun Control

Our first New Castle County Meeting for 2015 was a great success, with a standing-room only crowd at the Bear Library!

We promised this follow up email, with links to the Testing Opt Out and Gun Control legislation discussed, plus dates to remember for the month ahead regarding the Christina Referendum — starting with our special event next week on May 7th.

Testing “Opt Out”

While there was disagreement in the room on the political strategy of supporting Opt Out legislation, House Bill 50 contains obvious violations of personal liberty.

So long as those infringements on parental and privacy rights exist in the bill, we must remain in opposition to this legislation.

CLICK HERE to find the link to House Bill 50, as well as a description of the problematic provisions.

Municipal Gun Control

Draft legislation for a “Muni Gun Ban” was released to ban personal protection in all municipal building, as well as any building — public or private — where a government entity meets in an official capacity.

Currently, this draft legislation is still seeking sponsors at the Capitol.

CLICK HERE to find the link to the draft bill, as well as the information we have up to this point on its origins.

School District Referendum

The next tax hike referendum attempt by Christina School District is scheduled for May 27th, with one more school board meeting scheduled for May 12th.

This issue is relevant to all school districts across the state.

The problems facing Christina today have already been felt in the Appoquinimink, Colonial, Red Clay, Seaford, Milford, and Cape Henlopen school districts.

And it will continue.

If we do not tackle the root causes of rising costs and declining student performance during one of these referendums, this problem will continue to spiral further in the wrong direction.

As we outlined in the meeting, it’s clear that the Christina school board is asking the citizens to vote on a bad solution,  insisting on slashing pro-student resources . . .

. . . while protecting nearly 100 non-essential positions and bloated executive salaries as high as $192,000 a year.

We will be having a special referendum event prior to the May 12th board meeting. Here are the details:

Thursday, May 7th at 7:00pm
Bible Fellowship Church of Newark
808 S Old Baltimore Pike
Newark, DE 19702

Proponents of referendum passage have made a conscious decision to use similar tactics from their victorious counterparts in Red Clay back in February, holding regular “political action” meetings, professional marketing services . . .

. . . and even using district taxpayer dollars to fund their pro-tax hike literature and advertisements — including plans to pay for street side billboards!

Parents, teachers, and other residents who oppose the school district’s proposal are having their own tax dollars used against them and need to make their voice heard.

It’s unacceptable. And the current referendum proposal on the ballot is the wrong proposal to be voting on.

We will be calling for the school board to cancel the referendum and START OVER by listening to the better ideas put forth by the community.

Please join us for our special referendum event on May 7th at Bible Fellowship Church in Newark.

In Liberty,
Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Please join us at 7:00pm on Thursday, May 7th at the Bible Fellowship Church of Newark on Old Baltimore Pike.

We need to come together as a county and try to stop Delaware’s high cost, low performance approach to education on the battlefield of Christina School District.

Help us pressure that school board to stop their May 27th Tax Hike Referendum and START OVER by listening to parents, teachers and other residents.