Last night got a little wild, but we did well

It was a classic episode of “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.”

At the Newark City Council meeting last night, residents waited for hours to express their opinions on the proposed water rate hike, as well as a very irresponsible budget for 2015.

It took nearly 3 hours — at just before 10:00 PM — before the citizens of Newark were given the opportunity to speak a single word.

The good news is, we applied enough pressure to delay the vote on the water tax hike. It will now be part of the final budget discussion on December 15th.

We also got the city to admit that we were actually talking about a 14% water rate increase, since the city’s $9 Million sweetheart deal with Honeywell Corporation to install utility “smart meters” has already increased their revenues by over 7%.

But the bad news out of the meeting last night was the planning and budgeting practices of our city, as they are absolutely determined to flagrantly spend taxpayer money and drive our city into more debt on ill-advised — and often unadvised — wish list projects and pay raises.

Our Delaware State Coordinator, Eric Boye, was in attendance and pointed out that, while the Storm Water Drain system has been neglected for 16 years and needs $8 Million for repairs . . .

. . . the city is attempting to spend $14 Million on a multilevel parking garage in the heart of Main Street that is not only unnecessary, but is not even something the city government should be involved in.

The city admitted they have absolutely no data to support this level of construction for increased parking, that they do not calculate return on investment for their projects, and that a study might be performed or completed sometime early next year.

Eric also pointed out that while the median household income in Newark is only $51,128 a year (roughly $24 per hour), who must then pay for the salaries of the city staff . . .

. . . virtually every city employee is receiving anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 in pay raises and increases of $200 to $500 in their bonuses . . .

. . . more than a 50 of whom are already making over $70,000 to $140,000 a year!

Yes, even their bonuses are getting bonuses.

So you’ve heard the good and some of the bad. Now, it’s time for the ugly.

The City of Newark is embarking on an unsustainable financial future. The citizens are slowly catching on and its effects are bringing out the ugly sides of certain Council members.

Mayor Polly Sierer continued her personal assault on the citizens last night, ejecting our own New Castle County Coordinator, Brett Zingarelli, from the building after he obliged a request from a woman in the audience to pass a note over to her Councilman.

Brett’s adherence and attention to rules is so strong, he had never been kicked out of anything before in his entire life.

As a veteran of two overseas wars — which the Council had just applauded two weeks ago for Veterans Day . . .

. . . and a concerned citizen that has dutifully attended every council meeting for the last two years to fight for our rights and freedoms . . .

. . . he deserved better than what you’re about to read next.

Brett gave the note to the Councilman, per the woman’s request, and Mayor Polly Sierer immediately said, “Brett, you’re Out Of Order. You need to leave.”

Surprised and confused, Brett asked, “How am I out of order. What rule have I broken?”

The Mayor’s display of emotion was tragic, not answering his question and instead, hollering and screaming at Brett to leave the room as he tried to gather his belongings from under his chair . . .

. . . making a point to continue yelling at him as he walked through the crowd to the exit doors, making members of the audience uncomfortable, even up to the point where he physically passed through the doorway.

U.S. Army Specialist Zingarelli was officially kicked out of a public meeting and building by one person, the Mayor, for no reason . . .

. . . with several Council members fully admitting after the meeting that he had broken NO RULE and had done NOTHING wrong!

District 4 Council member, Marge Hadden, notorious for voting with the establishment and being confused during the meeting discussions, also went on offense against some concerned citizens and tried to rally support for the city purchasing military-grade AR-15 rifles for the Newark Police Department.

And when a member of the audience, who is educated in the subject of firearms, tried to quickly answer one of her minor questions —

— she became red in the face, told him to “SHUSH” and then violently shook her finger for an awkward 3 to 4 seconds.

Here are a few more highlights from Newark’s proposed 2015 budget:

The entrance to the new $1 Million Curtis Mill “parking lot” park on Paper Mill Road will have its entrance blocked while the city tears up the street for a hasty water pipe repair that should have been included in the “parking lot” park plan.

They now want to develop Old Paper Mill Road Park across the street.

The city wants to spend $8.9 Million on an electric substation that is not only over-sized for the short-term, but will not be fully utilized for 50 to 100 years.

  • $1.3 Million in pay increases for city staff
  • the City Manager raking in a $150,000 salary
  • a last minute referendum proposal to change the city’s charter
  • a Rain Tax identical to what has been implemented in Maryland
  • and so much more . . .

We’ve got a big job to do in Newark over the next 3 weeks and your help will be needed. You’ve got to become involved to help stop this unsustainable train wreck.

This email alone identifies nearly $25 Million Dollars of spending that is of lower priority than the $8 Million in storm water drain repairs that have gone ignored by this Council and Mayor, as well as previous ones.

Please call Mayor Polly and her dutiful, “Yes, M’am” members below. Tell them to reject this budget until it stops spending money on any new projects outside of the storm water drain system that has been neglected for 16 years and has critical, live utility feeds running through it.

Mayor Polly Sierer 302-690-1741
District 2 Todd Ruckle 302-893-1601
District 4 Marge Hadden 302-983-9087
District 6 Stu Markham 302-456-1755

Don’t listen to their excuses. Don’t fall for their talking points.

Just tell them to focus on essential city services that are in scope with the city charter and stop straying into the unnecessary and low priority spending projects contained in the current 2015 budget proposal.

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. While one of our own was wrongfully ejected from the building by an overzealous Mayor Polly, we still achieved a temporary victory last night in delaying the vote on a water rate tax hike.

That tax increase will now be wrapped into the overall budget decision at the next Newark Council meeting on December 15th.

Please call the Council members listed above and tell them that the current 2015 budget is unacceptable; they need to force City Administration to halt all projects and focus on the $8 Million storm water drain repairs that they have ignored for almost two decades!

Mayor of Newark Wants To Silence the Public!

The Mayor of Newark, Delaware wants to silence the public.

That’s right — Polly Sierer holds disdain for the people she was elected to represent, joined by Councilman Stu Markham.

Newark City Council meetings have often run late into the night due to useless legislation.

However, certain people want to blame the public’s interest in OUR government for these long meetings.

On November 10th, Polly & Stu tried to change the rules for how the public is treated during the meetings.

They wanted to prohibit the ceding of time from one member of the public to another.

They also wanted to restrict the number of items on the agenda that the public was allowed to comment on.

And worst of all, they wanted to move public comment to the end of the meetings . . .

. . .which can sometimes be 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning!

This was a deliberate attempt to reduce the public’s voice, as many members of the public do not make it to the end of these long, wasteful meetings.

The public came out en mass to protest this attempt to silence them. Many went on record stating how disgusting these proposed changes were.

As thunderous applause broke out from one citizen speaker to the next, Polly threatened to throw people out of the meeting for clapping!

She stated how inappropriate this behavior was. No, Mayor Polly, it was your behavior that was inappropriate!

All of the above items were defeated at the November 10th meetings. However, do not let Polly off the hook.

She really revealed her true colors in a November 12th article in the Newark Post.

“The proposed changes that were withdrawn could be discussed eventually,” quotes the article.

Polly dismissed the public’s outrage, stating that “We heard from 25 to 30 voices last night.” The meeting started off with a lot more than 30, but many left the meeting, which dragged on until 1:45am.

They spent an hour and a half just debating this egregious item to silence the public.

She also questioned “whether the opposition heard at Monday’s meeting represents a majority of the Newark residents.

Let her know that her hatred of the public is unacceptable, and she will be held responsible.

Call Polly at (302) 690-1741 and tell her “The public will not be silenced!”

Make it clear that we will not tolerate a future attempt to limit the public’s voice.

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The Mayor of Newark, Polly Sierer, and her political cohort, Stu Markham, hold contempt for the public they were elected to represent and are trying to silence their voice in local politics.

They tried to change the meeting rules to reduce the public’s ability to speak.

The public came out and expressed their outrage, but Polly dismissed them as a vocal minority.

Help let her know this was NOT a vocal minority.

Call Polly at (302) 690-1741 and tell her, “We will not be silenced!”

Don’t Stop Now

Campaign for Liberty

Your pressure is working.

When House Bill 187, the Gag Act, was rumored to be brought to committee hearing on June 4th, you answered the call and let the members of the House Economic Development, Banking, Insurance, and Commerce Committee know that we were not going to stand by and watch them destroy our freedom of speech.

Citizens from all over the First State made phone calls and signed our Stop the Delaware Gag Act petition.

This prompted House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf to reach out and let us know he did not support the bill, but was DOING NOTHING to pressure his own caucus into having it STRICKEN from the record.

The only way to ensure the Gag Act will not become law this year is for the bill sponsor to have it STRICKEN from the record.

Call the author of this attack on the 1st Amendment at the following numbers and DEMAND that he have House Bill 187 STRICKEN from Delaware’s 147th General Assembly.

Rep. Edward Osienski (D-Newark)

Then call Speaker Pete Schwartkopf at 302-744-4351 and urge him to stop sitting on the sidelines regarding this legislation.

If he truly doesn’t support it, he would get his caucus under control and see that it is STRICKEN immediately.

Finally, call the members of the House EDBIC Committee today and reinforce that we expect them to TABLE House Bill 187.

You can find their contact information by CLICKING HERE.

So far, they have delayed bringing the Gag Act to a committee hearing, but that can change on a moment’s notice.

Make sure those committee members know you are watching to see that House Bill 187 is TABLED in the House Economic Development, Banking, Insurance, and Commerce Committee.

And if you have not signed our Stop the Delaware Gag Act petition yet, please do so now and forward it to friends and family in the First State.

The 1st Amendment is under attack and no other fight can be as important.

If they infringe on our right to speak, there will be no fighting for our freedoms in the future.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Your efforts have delayed the committee hearing on House Bill 187, the Delaware Gag Act, but we need to keep up the pressure and urge the Democrat caucus to remove their attack on the 1st Amendment.

Call Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf at 302-744-4351 and his bill sponsor, Rep. Ed Osienski (D-Newark) at 302-577-8476. Demand they have House Bill 187 STRICKEN from the record.

Then call the members of the EDBIC Committee and urge them to TABLE THE BILL if it is brought to a committee vote. You can find their contact information by CLICKING HERE.

The Speaker needs to speak up

Campaign for Liberty

Your First Amendment rights are about to be trampled, and where is Speaker Schwartzkopf?

The man who holds the gavel and one of the most powerful people in Delaware politics has yet to publicly weigh in on the Gag Act (HB 187).

His public silence is betraying him.

When we asked you to contact him and publicly oppose the bill, he instead sent me the following explanation. . .

“I don’t support the bill, never have, and I told the sponsor I would not vote for it.”

Frankly Mr. Speaker, that’s not good enough.  You need to be publicly opposing this.

Here’s some facts. . . He’s Democrat Speaker of the House with a Democrat majority, the bill is still alive, and the bill is from the Democrat caucus with all Democrat sponsors.

This means one of two things.

  • He actually supports it, or
  • He’s telling the truth and has absolutely no control over his own caucus.

Either way, it isn’t good news for Delaware, and we need you to take action again.

Call Pete Schwartzkopf’s office right now at 302-744-4351 and demand that House Bill 187 be STRICKEN from the record and that he publicly oppose this bill.

Let him know that it’s unacceptable for him to watch members of his own majority caucus gag assault our 1st Amendment American freedoms of speech and assembly.

Click here to sign our Stop the Delaware Gag Act petition.

It’s time for us as citizens to provide a new way.

Help us steer this politician back onto the right stage. Call Speaker Schwartzkopf today at 302-744-4351 and tell him to get his caucus under control.

If he doesn’t support House Bill 187, the Gag Act, then he has the power to make sure it is STRICKEN from the record immediately.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Delaware Speaker of the House, Pete Schwartzkopf, says he doesn’t support the Delaware Gag Act assaults on our 1st Amendment, but isn’t doing anything to have it STRICKEN from the record.

Call his office at 302-744-4351 and demand that he exercise leadership over his own caucus and stop their Gag Act attack on our freedoms of speech and assembly.

Tell him to have House Bill 187 STRICKEN from the record immediately and to come out publicly against it.

And click here to make sure you sign the petition to stop the Gag Act.

Tell Them To “Table” the Gag Act

Campaign for Liberty

Your action is urgently needed to stop Delaware’s “Gag Act.”
House Bill 187 must be TABLED in the House Economic Development, Banking, Insurance and Commerce Committee before it’s too late.
Did you know that committee votes have absolutely no bearing on whether or not a bill will pass out of committee in Delaware?
Unlike most states, Delaware state legislators can vote against a bad bill in committee to look good to their constituents, but then sign the “backer” (the back of the bill) to move it along in the liberty-shredding process.
You see, the only thing that does matter is whether a majority of the committee members sign the back of the bill.
They also do not publish the votes of committee members online or release them to the public without a lot of hassle.
This makes the committee process in Delaware virtually irrelevant and gives us yet another issue that we will need to fight at a later date.
But right now, our best bet to stop the Gag Act from being passed in Delaware is if SIX of the Economic Development, Banking, Insurance and Commerce Committee Members at this link vote to TABLE House Bill 187.
That’s because the bill’s primary sponsor, Rep. Ed Osienski of Newark, flat out refuses to have it stricken from the record.
Inside sources have indicated that they plan to bring the Gag Act up for a committee hearing as early as Wednesday, June 4th.
That’s why it’s absolutely critical you sign our latest petition to “Stop the Delaware Gag Act” TODAY.

Please click here to sign the petition.
We need as many signatures as possible BEFORE June 4th, so we can print and deliver them in time for that committee hearing.
This assault on our rights of free speech, assembly, and petitioning the government will effectively crush activist groups – both liberal and conservative – as well as the noble activities of many non-political charities and organizations all across the state.
People across the country have watched as our federal government has been caught abusing the unconstitutional powers of the IRS, targeting and suppressing groups of citizens who dare to question their elected officials and expose their voting records.
Now, they are pushing out a coordinated effort to do the same thing at the state level, and Delaware has been chosen as one of the guinea pigs to test this state-level scheme to silence its citizens.
There is absolutely no excuse for a piece of legislation like this to be proposed anywhere in the United States of America, and we need to stop this statist experiment right here in the First State.
The sheer weight of paperwork and regulation requirements behind this bill will end operations in Delaware for organizations you love – both in and outside of our state.
Please take a few minutes now to sign our “Stop the Delaware Gag Act” petition today and forward the link to family, friends, coworkers, and any groups or clubs you may belong to.
And that includes people that you don’t normally talk about politics with. We no longer have the luxury of being cautious or holding back in this fight for freedom.
House Bill 187 must be TABLED in the House Economic Development, Banking, Insurance and Commerce Committee.
Click here to call the members of the EDBIC Committee and demand they TABLE House Bill 187.

Your action is needed now to preserve a liberty that we cannot afford to lose.
In Liberty,
Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty
P.S. The Gag Act will devastate charities and organizations in Delaware – both political and non-political – and stop the operations of those outside the First State. This assault on the First Amendment can move forward as early as Wednesday, June 4th.

Please click here and call the members of the House EDBIC Committee to demand they TABLE House Bill 187 in that committee. Make it very clear that there is no acceptable alternative.

P.P.S. Then have everyone you know sign our Stop the Delaware Gag Act Petition, so we can deliver that same message to the committee members in person before it’s too late.

It’s time for citizens throughout Delaware to come together and protect the First Amendment. Please do not fail to act at this critical time.

Gov Markell Still Wants to Gag You

Campaign for Liberty

Governor Markell is demanding the legislature silence liberty activists by passing House Bill 187, the Gag Act.

This bill would require Campaign for Liberty and any other pro-liberty group that talks about the records of politicians to hand over lists of their supporters to a government monitoring agency.

In other words, it gives the politicians in Dover an “enemies list” to go after if you try to speak up about their voting records or engage with fellow citizens to advocate for a cause.

Now, in the closing days of the legislative session, Gov. Markell and House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf are scheming to ram through this attack on free speech.

This bill is critical to the plans of the political class in Dover to secure their power by ensuring the voters cannot learn of their voting records to take away your liberty.

I have received word from liberty activists all over the state confirming they’ve contacted legislators to oppose this bill.

The good news is that you are making a difference. 
Just a few weeks ago, an inside source at the Capitol told me they didn’t have the votes, but now they’ve made a few insignificant changes to give legislators enough false comfort to ram this bill through.

We cannot let our guard down. 
Until the gavel falls and the legislative session is closed, Speaker Schwartzkopf and Gov. Markell will continue to pressure lawmakers to push this bill through so they can secure their power.

To stop Gov. Markell and Speaker Schwartzkopf, I need you to call the members of the House Economic Development, Banking, Insurance, and Commerce Committee today. Tell them to vote NOT FAVORABLE on HB 187. You can find their contact information by CLICKING HERE.
Make sure they know that any attempt to pass the buck and avoid taking a position by voting “ON MERITS” is equal to voting in favor of the bill.
Their committee vote of NOT FAVORABLE is the only acceptable vote.
We cannot let this bill get out of that committee.
The very essence of the First Amendment will be crushed by the Gag Act and the days of fighting for freedom will be numbered.

Thank you for all you do for liberty.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Gov. Markell and House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf are determined to silence liberty activists by passing the Gag Act, House Bill 187. To stop them, call the members of the House EDBIC Committee and tell them to vote NOT FAVORABLE on HB 187.

Contact those members by CLICKING HERE.

Recent attempts to make meaningless changes to the bill indicate that your calls are working and have thrown a monkey wrench into their plans to silence liberty activists, but we must keep up the pressure through the end of session.
Please call the EDBIC Committee members today.

Shut Up

You heard me.

Shut up, stay in your house, and keep sending money.

That’s what our state legislators are on the brink of telling you, me, and every other citizen in the state of Delaware.

House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf could bring House Bill 187 to the floor at any moment.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle have realized there’s a new game in town.

Liberty activists like you are no longer playing softball for your freedom, and with House Bill 187 passing out of committee on January 29th, it’s clear the political class is desperate to stop it

Since they know they can’t buy us off, they want to shut us down.

And we’re not even alone.

The sponsors of House Bill 187 and SEVEN members of the House Economic Development, Banking, Insurance, and Commerce Committee are OK with muzzling organizations established for just about everything, including:

Benevolent, educational, humane, scientific, patriotic, social welfare or advocacy, public health, environmental conservation, civic, and philanthropic – just to name a few.

If you’re a 501(c)3 organization (or one of their supporters), your days in that role are numbered.

And just like pouring salt into a fatal wound, these statists are targeting organizations that benefit law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other fraternal orders of public safety.

The people we have sent to Dover have lost all shame. This is a 1st Amendment bloodbath.

There will be no oral or written communication, no emails, no announcements, no speaking to the press, no radio or television, no telephone calls or fax petitions.

No newsletters, no action alerts, no posters, handouts, or fliers.

And no books.

That’s right. . .no selling of books, candy, flowers, tickets, magazines, or even standard memberships to the organization itself!

I’m not kidding. It really is that bad.

I really need your help right now.

When this bill passed through committee in January, only 8 of the 11 legislators on that committee voted on it.

One House Representative voted NO and we need to find out who it was.

Not for a thank you – because voting NO on this bill is an obvious expectation of any rational human being in a free country.

We need to find out who the No Speech 7 were.

Call these members of the House Economic Development, Banking, Insurance, and Commerce Committee:

Rep. Bryon Short: 302-475-2552
Rep. Dennis Williams: 302-373-0115
Rep. Paul Baumbach: 302-577-8489
Rep. Andria Bennett: 302-744-4351
Rep. Ronald Gray: 302-744-4171
Rep. Quinton Johnson: 302-577-8476
Rep. Helene Keeley: 302-577-8476
Rep. Trey Paradee: 302-744-4351
Rep. Jack Peterman: 302-744-4171
Rep. Mike Ramone: 302-584-8601
Rep. Jeff Spiegelman: 302-399-7728

Seven people in the list above voted to make our 1st Amendment rights to free speech and assembly a Class G felony, punishable by 2 years in prison and/or $10,000 in fines PER VIOLATION of this medieval legislation from the Dark Ages.

Call these committee members right away and email any results to [email protected]com

Help us identify the No Speech 7 so we can make sure constituents in their districts know that their idea of free speech resembles that of North Korea.

If we lose our right to speak, the most fundamental reason for our nation existing will be thrown out the window.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. There’s an all-out assault on the 1st Amendment in the 1st State, and we’re on the hunt to identify the No Speech 7 who approved fines and imprisonment for exercising free speech.

Call the committee members above, find out if and how they voted, then report the results by replying to this email.

Then, read the email below for more details, and call your own representative before it’s too late! Take action TODAY. Call and demand they vote NO on House Bill 187.

They Are Trying to Muzzle Us

Campaign for Liberty

Can you afford $250 a year just for standing up for your freedoms and consistently taking action on pressing issues?

The Establishment crowd in Dover introduced House Bill 187 recently – a registration and tracking bill that requires any organized group of citizens to report the list of their supporters, contributors, and all expenditures.

If they don’t register and comply with the fees and invasive reporting requirements – even if they didn’t know about this law . . .

. . . they can be fined $10,000 and/or imprisoned up to 2 years as a Class G felon at Level V incarceration FOR EACH VIOLATION.

What’s Level V incarceration? . . .

. . . Around-the-clock, locked up, and behind bars.

That is – unless you are one of the “officially approved” groups, or perhaps, if you don’t cause the members of the Establishment any problems.

Political parties and trade unions that fund politicians who support big government policies fall in the exempt category, for example.

That’s right – it is OK to wine-and-dine with the politicians, but you don’t dare mobilize ordinary citizens to oppose anti-liberty plans.

And because they put in their favorite power-grab line, we can’t even know all the regulations that will come out of this bill:

The Director may adopt such regulations, not inconsistent herewith, as the Director may deem necessary or appropriate in the administration, interpretation, and enforcement of this chapter. 

In other words, the Director can do whatever he wants.

But just from the text of the bill, we know this much:

Unless you can keep up with the rules, multiple registrations, fill out reports of your grassroots activities, and provide personal information of all of your donors and vendors . . .

. . . you can be fined up to $10,000 and locked behind bars as a felon – just for reaching out to your friends over a short period of time to advise them of activity in the Delaware legislature.

And since most grassroots groups don’t have official membership requirements and are run in democratic fashion, every group could be classified as a solicitor and fined for non-compliance.

Click here to see the text of the Free Speech Registration Act.

This is nothing less than a blatant slap in the face to groups like Campaign for Liberty and activists like you.

Rather than cozying up to the establishment, groups like C4L hold elected officials to their oaths, inform more Americans about the latest on pressing issues, and urge them to take action to protect and restore liberty.

All this year, the legislature has worked incessantly to trample your constitutionally protected rights.

So it’s no wonder politicians are fighting back.

House Bill 187 is a direct result of the success of your efforts.

Tired of answering emails and phone calls, the politicians in Dover are now looking for a way to shut you down – so they won’t be bothered by pesky citizens like you.

Sponsored by Representatives Osienski, Kowalko, and Keeley, and Senators Sokola and Townsend, this is a Democrat-led effort to muzzle organized citizens in Delaware.

Unless, of course, you have the political Establishment’s seal of approval.

Right now, nothing is more important than for you to pick up the phone and demand that your elected representatives oppose this insanity.

This outright violation of the First Amendment is a slap in the face.

And just how do they plan to enforce such a law?

By selectively prosecuting those groups the ruling class finds most dangerous to their continued back-door activities, perhaps?

Much like the IRS targeting a particular political faction, this bill is to suppress or intimidate any group that is not in the back pocket of whichever party is in power.

But if you tell the politicians how great they are, you probably won’t have much to worry about. 

I refuse to be silenced.

But I need your help today!

Please call your representatives and tell them that the right to free speech does not mean you have to pay for it or register with the state.

Tell them you will hold them accountable if they think the only ones who have First Amendment protection are those who cozy up to the politicians.

This bill could pass next week – unless we take action right away!

Each of the following sponsors needs to hear from you now:

Rep. Edward Osienski: 302-292-8903
Rep. John Kowalko: 302-737-2396
Rep. Helene Keeley: 302-577-8476
Sen. David Sokola: 302-239-2193
Sen. Bryan Townsend: 302-709-1516

And call these members of the House Economic Development/Banking/Insurance/Commerce Committee:

Rep. Bryon Short: 302-475-2552
Rep. Dennis Williams: 302-373-0115
Rep. Paul Baumbach: 302-577-8489
Rep. Andria Bennett: 302-744-4351
Rep. Ronald Gray: 302-744-4171
Rep. Quinton Johnson: 302-577-8476
Rep. Helene Keeley: 302-577-8476
Rep. Trey Paradee: 302-744-4351
Rep. Jack Peterman: 302-744-4171
Rep. Mike Ramone: 302-584-8601
Rep. Jeff Spiegelman: 302-399-7728

Your calls and emails this session have had an effect – otherwise, politicians wouldn’t be trying to stop them.

So use your First Amendment rights to protect your First Amendment rights.

Take action TODAY. Call and demand they vote NO on House Bill 187.

Demand that – like the Second Amendment – the First Amendment shall not be infringed.

In Liberty,

Greg Callaway
New Castle County Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The politicians want a new weapon to silence the grassroots, and HB 187 is that weapon.

It is vital you call your representative today and tell them to vote NO on HB 187.

Also, please give the ringleaders of this scheme a call today:

Rep. Edward Osienski: 302-292-8903
Rep. John Kowalko: 302-737-2396
Rep. Helene Keeley: 302-577-8476
Sen. David Sokola: 302-239-2193
Sen. Bryan Townsend: 302-709-1516