They want you poor and defenseless

Campaign for Liberty

The efforts of the political class to increase your taxes and take away your liberties has not slowed one bit in the state of Delaware.

Our meeting in New Castle County next week will address some very important issues.

While school districts hold tax hike referendums across the state to continue funding their high-dollar executive administrations, your state government faces a $100 Million shortfall that will be addressed when the legislature returns in January.

House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf and Senate President Patricia Blevins are continuing to parrot the tired talking points of “decreased revenue” instead of admitting to their wasteful spending.

It’s a safe bet more tax hikes are on their agenda.

As if our fiscal woes were not enough, the powerful anti-gun lobby continued to strip away your ability to protect yourself during last year’s session.

House Bills 192 and 201 passed just after 1:00 a.m. on the final day of this year’s session, breaking the long-standing state preemption protection of your 2nd Amendment rights.

Now, every county and municipal government can pass gun bans in their public buildings, creating more “Gun Free Zones” for criminals to prey on the defenseless.

Please join us for our New Castle County meeting, where we will break down these new laws, the consequences of the legislation, and the politicians who passed it.

Wednesday, September 23, at 7 p.m.
Bear Library
101 Governors Place
Bear, DE 19701

We know what the end goal is for those who attack your liberty. They will continue to find ways to take your money and slice away at your constitutional rights.

Our freedom and prosperity needs more activists at the local and state levels. Please attend next Wednesday and help us advance liberty in our state.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Please join us at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, September 23, in Bear, DE as we battle the gun control agenda and prepare to fight back against tax hikes when the state legislature returns in January.

Follow Up: Referendums, Testing Opt Out, and Gun Control

Our first New Castle County Meeting for 2015 was a great success, with a standing-room only crowd at the Bear Library!

We promised this follow up email, with links to the Testing Opt Out and Gun Control legislation discussed, plus dates to remember for the month ahead regarding the Christina Referendum — starting with our special event next week on May 7th.

Testing “Opt Out”

While there was disagreement in the room on the political strategy of supporting Opt Out legislation, House Bill 50 contains obvious violations of personal liberty.

So long as those infringements on parental and privacy rights exist in the bill, we must remain in opposition to this legislation.

CLICK HERE to find the link to House Bill 50, as well as a description of the problematic provisions.

Municipal Gun Control

Draft legislation for a “Muni Gun Ban” was released to ban personal protection in all municipal building, as well as any building — public or private — where a government entity meets in an official capacity.

Currently, this draft legislation is still seeking sponsors at the Capitol.

CLICK HERE to find the link to the draft bill, as well as the information we have up to this point on its origins.

School District Referendum

The next tax hike referendum attempt by Christina School District is scheduled for May 27th, with one more school board meeting scheduled for May 12th.

This issue is relevant to all school districts across the state.

The problems facing Christina today have already been felt in the Appoquinimink, Colonial, Red Clay, Seaford, Milford, and Cape Henlopen school districts.

And it will continue.

If we do not tackle the root causes of rising costs and declining student performance during one of these referendums, this problem will continue to spiral further in the wrong direction.

As we outlined in the meeting, it’s clear that the Christina school board is asking the citizens to vote on a bad solution,  insisting on slashing pro-student resources . . .

. . . while protecting nearly 100 non-essential positions and bloated executive salaries as high as $192,000 a year.

We will be having a special referendum event prior to the May 12th board meeting. Here are the details:

Thursday, May 7th at 7:00pm
Bible Fellowship Church of Newark
808 S Old Baltimore Pike
Newark, DE 19702

Proponents of referendum passage have made a conscious decision to use similar tactics from their victorious counterparts in Red Clay back in February, holding regular “political action” meetings, professional marketing services . . .

. . . and even using district taxpayer dollars to fund their pro-tax hike literature and advertisements — including plans to pay for street side billboards!

Parents, teachers, and other residents who oppose the school district’s proposal are having their own tax dollars used against them and need to make their voice heard.

It’s unacceptable. And the current referendum proposal on the ballot is the wrong proposal to be voting on.

We will be calling for the school board to cancel the referendum and START OVER by listening to the better ideas put forth by the community.

Please join us for our special referendum event on May 7th at Bible Fellowship Church in Newark.

In Liberty,
Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Please join us at 7:00pm on Thursday, May 7th at the Bible Fellowship Church of Newark on Old Baltimore Pike.

We need to come together as a county and try to stop Delaware’s high cost, low performance approach to education on the battlefield of Christina School District.

Help us pressure that school board to stop their May 27th Tax Hike Referendum and START OVER by listening to parents, teachers and other residents.

4/22/2015 New Castle County Meeting

Our first New Castle County Meeting for 2015 is next Wednesday and there is no shortage of issues to tackle.

The problems surrounding education in the State of Delaware continue to pile on and there has been no significant momentum to fix them.

With the desperate need for political leadership to straighten out these issues, we will now be organizing activists to ramp up the pressure on our politicians.

Next Wednesday, we’ll be covering . . . 

  • the latest school district referendums
  • the push for “opting out” of standardized testing
  • the path forward for education freedom

We will also have brief updates on the municipalities where we are engaged, such as Newark and Wilmington.

Here are the details for our meeting next Wednesday:

New Castle County – Wednesday, April 22, from 7-9 p.m.

Bear Library
101 Governors Plaza
Bear, DE 19701
Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

In Liberty,
Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Please join us next Wednesday at the Bear Library in Bear, DE. Get involved in fighting for change in your town and school district.

Electric Bill Refunds; Stroller Bans; Bill Transparency

Here is a recap of the Newark City Council meeting from last Monday, March 23, 2015.

The good news is, two small restaurants were granted the right to sell alcohol. Wood Fired Pizza and Mediterranean Grill will surely enjoy this liberty.

The pity is the restaurant owners had to sit through three hours of nonsense at the meeting to get to their agenda item.

Each year, Newark’s Council examines the past years electric rates. If the rates are found to have been too high, some of the excess money is returned to the residents.

This year, it was determined that roughly $1 Million in excess money was collected.

It has been standard practice to keep a $1.5 Million reserve to withstand a temporary electric rate spike.

So, with a $1.1 million existing reserve, the City should have returned $600,000 and properly met their $1.5 Million reserve goal.

However, that simple process was bypassed by a 5 to 2 vote.

Luke Chapman, Marge Hadden, Polly Sierer, Stu Markham, and Todd Ruckle decided to fuel the City Administration’s greed and keep ALL of the money.

We just went through a similar scenario with the “Ruckle Parking Meters,” where residents are being robbed of money that goes unused.

When a credit card is swiped, it defaults to the maximum amount of time, regardless of how long a customer intends to stay.

And to this day, despite your phone calls and public pressure on Todd Ruckle, that decision has still not been reversed!

The City of Newark even provided a report on the first few months of parking revenue since the Ruckle ‘smart’ parking meters were installed.

The report effectively demonstrated that the City is collecting much more money with these meters, due to ripping off its customers.

Council has the ability to make the meters work for the residents by changing HOW they work. Yet no one has chosen to step forward and set this straight.

Finally, a bill was up for 1st reading last Monday to modify the policies for City parks.

Some people have been bringing temporary ramps to the skate parks. The City, fearful of a lawsuit, wants to end this practice.

However, the bill was written so poorly that, as passed, people would not be allowed to bring soccer goals, tennis rackets . . .

. . . or even strollers into the parks!

How can politicians mess up this badly?

Several residents highlighted this issue, and recommended the bill be removed, and re-written better.

A motion was made to remove this item, but the motion was defeated 5-2.

Guess who voted to keep this bad legislation as it was poorly written?

You guessed it: Luke Chapman, Marge Hadden, Polly Sierer, Stu Markham, and Todd Ruckle.

Do those names sound familiar?

And to add insult to injury, the Council did what it tends to do all too often.

Instead of simply throwing out a poorly written bill and rewriting it, they spend endless wasteful hours trying to re-write and amend the bad bill — on the fly.

This is what continually leads to excessive lengthy meetings.

But yet, some Council members want to blame the public participation on the lengthy meetings and recently tried to silence the public in the name of shorter meetings.

Guess who they were?

Luke Chapman, Polly Sierer, Stu Markham, and Todd Ruckle!

So now you understand why we feel so bad for seeing the owners of Wood Fired Pizza and Mediterranean Grill sit through this — just to be able to conduct their business!

There was one positive highlight of the meeting.

Councilman Mark Morehead started a discussion to start requiring meeting agenda items to have a sponsor.

It’s a novel concept of transparency; giving the public knowledge of who is behind certain ideas.

This fits right along with Morehead restoring the public’s right to comment on all agenda items, not just the select few as it was a few years ago.

Let’s hope the five other council seats change their behavior in the positive direction after the elections are over.

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The City of Newark Council continues to work for the Administration, and not their constituents.

Marge Hadden, Todd Ruckle and three others voted to withhold at least $600,000 of the residents’ money for no reason.

They also voted against removing a poorly written bill banning strollers in the parks, guaranteeing that a lengthy discussion will be required to amend the bill during the next meeting and dragging out meetings to labor over a bill that needs to start from scratch.

Meanwhile, Mark Morehead started a discussion that will further the transparency and accountability of the City government.

At least one of them seems to understand that his job is to serve his constituents, not to betray them!

Is Newark Councilman Todd Ruckle serious?

Is Councilman Todd Ruckle saying one thing, but doing another?

Comparing his words to his voting record is truly puzzling.

Councilman Ruckle has continued to support tons of useless spending within the City and votes to tax more of your money away to fund it.

Yet, during the recent Christina School District referendum, he was very vocal in his opposition for increasing the school taxes, challenging the School Board to enact budget cuts instead.

How does oppose taxes for the school district, but then behave in exactly the opposite manner as a deciding vote on a City Council — where he actually has control over the matter!

At one single council meeting alone, he voted to raise our property taxes and to raise our water rates.

Let’s suppose Todd thinks the City’s budget is already cut to the bone.

Then why, at the very same meeting, did he vote to spend nearly $200,000 on solar powered trash cans for Main Street?

At this past Monday’s Council meeting, he again voted to spend another $130,000 on yard waste cans and to give them out for free to the residents.

This is despite the fact that members of the public suggested the City sell the cans to recuperate the cost for this valuable, but non-essential service.

All of this spending will be overshadowed by the threat of a $14 million parking garage for Main Street.

Todd’s solution to this one is to form a public-private partnership where the private sector and the City would somehow partner in this endeavor.

“Public-private partnership” is another term for crony capitalism, plain and simple.

When government and industry mix, trouble inevitably follows. Favorites are picked, while competitors are rejected. Profits are privatized, while losses are picked up by the taxpayers.

There is a much easier solution.

The City could sell the land upon which the proposed garage sits, and let the private industry decide if a garage is even needed!

And if they decide one is needed, they can put their own money up to build it, without the entanglements of the City.

The sale of the land would surely bring in around $3-7 million, which could go a long way to solving the City’s biggest issue . . .

. . . our crumbling Storm Water System.

He previously sold the residents out with the recently installed ‘smart’ parking meters.

He supported the idea that money left on a meter after a customer pulls away should be stolen and given to the City, rather than being left for the next customer.

In a brief moment of empathy, he promised that he would try to modify the meters to refund that extra money back to the original customer.

After a quick phone call, we discovered that the meters were already capable of refunding unused money!

And yet, after this was brought to Todd’s attention almost 6 months ago, he has done nothing about it.

Broken promises?

During this six months, around $25,000 has been stolen from meter customers, many of which are Newark residents, in this “Ruckle Reset.”

As each day passes, more and more money will be stolen, until Todd gets his act together.

Finally, at the next Council meeting, on March 9th a bill that Todd sponsored will go up for vote.

With this bill, he is trying to restrict the height of your back yard fence!

A resident in his district has a problem with a tall fence his neighbor built. While the concern is valid, this does not call for liberty-stripping legislation!

See, these types of disputes should be settled by the courts, who can evaluate them on a case-by-case basis.

If every neighborly grievance led to legislative restrictions, we would have NO liberties at all.

That is why we have three branches of government – to establish a separation and balance of powers:

  • legislative branch to craft a simple set of laws
  • executive branch to carry out those laws
  • judicial branch to interpret and enforce the laws

Todd should really understand this – especially as he is supposedly part of one of those branches!

Please let Todd know that he really needs to start voting better.

Call him today and tell him to stop staring at his cell phone, and start paying attention to the residents of Newark!

Todd Ruckle: (302) 893-1601

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Todd Ruckle, in his first year of council, has done a pretty bad job.

He has repeatedly voted for tax increases, while also approving wasteful spending. He continually supports money being stolen from residents via the ‘smart’ parking meters.

And he does not even understand the separation of powers in our three-branch government system. After stealing your money at his meters and throwing it into solar powered trash cans, he now wants to tell you how to build a fence.

Please call Councilman Ruckle today at (302) 893-1601 and urge him to figure out what he stands for.

Let’s use your money to buy property.

Hey, it’s time for us to buy some property!

No? That’s okay, I couldn’t afford it either.

The interesting thing is, the City of Newark can’t afford it . . .

. . . but that does not seem to be stopping them.

At the upcoming December 8th council meeting, the City will be holding an Executive Session to discuss “site acquisitions for publicly funded capital improvements.”

What that means specifically, we do not know, as Executive Sessions are done BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

What are they trying to hide?

This situation reminds me of the recent case where the City Council — again, behind closed doors — arranged for a land swap to expand their parking lot behind the Galleria.

They got this land by loosely using the threat of eminent domain against the private owner who had land they wanted.

This is the land that the City is proposing to build a $14 Million parking garage on.

There are three issues with that.

First, the City does not have the money. In fact, we are in the midst of budget season, and the city is threatening the residents with another $1.6 million in tax increases!

The University of Delaware owns nearly half the land in the town, but they do not pay property taxes, and every bit of land the City buys is just more land that generates ZERO property tax revenue.

In other words, more than half of the land in this town contributes $0 in property taxes toward the city’s budget.

And instead, that share is payed by YOU as part of the land-owning minority that is forced to pay property taxes, or a tenant of one.

Second, the City should not be involved in the parking garage business.

The city charter is only to provide essential services, yet they have been neglecting $8 Million of storm water drainage repairs for over 16 years!

Third, there is no evidence that a $14 Million parking garage is needed. Personally, I never have trouble finding a parking spot around Main Street . . .

. . . and the city has not provided any data to prove that it is essential to take on $14 Million of debt for such a project.

Instead of spending $14 Million that the City does not have, they would be much smarter to sell the land they propose to build the garage on.

That way, a private business could decide to either maintain the parking lot as it is, or — if there really is a market demand for more parking — build a garage.

Either way, they would be using their own money, not ours.

And it would give the City Administration an immediate infusion of cash so they could almost fully fund the repairs to the #1 essential service problem of the City; our crumbling storm water system.

Each time it rains heavily, our neighbors’ houses get damaged and local businesses have inventory destroyed by the flood waters.

Fixing this problem seems way more important than forcing a property swap and taking on another $14 Million of new debt for a parking garage.

We must insist that the City Council instruct the City Administration to change their proposed budget and act in a more financially responsible way.

Fix the problems and stop wasting our money!

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The City of Newark pushed a land swap to expand their Main Street parking lot using the threat of eminent domain. Next, they threaten to add $14 Million of new debt onto our backs to build a non-essential parking garage on that land.

It would be much more responsible to sell that land, fix our flooding streets, and let a private company handle the parking lot.

And they are at it again. At this Monday’s Council meeting, they are going BEHIND CLOSED DOORS again in an Executive Session to discuss the acquisition of more land.

Tell them to stop buying property and focus on the neglected essential services that our city charter demands.

Last night got a little wild, but we did well

It was a classic episode of “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.”

At the Newark City Council meeting last night, residents waited for hours to express their opinions on the proposed water rate hike, as well as a very irresponsible budget for 2015.

It took nearly 3 hours — at just before 10:00 PM — before the citizens of Newark were given the opportunity to speak a single word.

The good news is, we applied enough pressure to delay the vote on the water tax hike. It will now be part of the final budget discussion on December 15th.

We also got the city to admit that we were actually talking about a 14% water rate increase, since the city’s $9 Million sweetheart deal with Honeywell Corporation to install utility “smart meters” has already increased their revenues by over 7%.

But the bad news out of the meeting last night was the planning and budgeting practices of our city, as they are absolutely determined to flagrantly spend taxpayer money and drive our city into more debt on ill-advised — and often unadvised — wish list projects and pay raises.

Our Delaware State Coordinator, Eric Boye, was in attendance and pointed out that, while the Storm Water Drain system has been neglected for 16 years and needs $8 Million for repairs . . .

. . . the city is attempting to spend $14 Million on a multilevel parking garage in the heart of Main Street that is not only unnecessary, but is not even something the city government should be involved in.

The city admitted they have absolutely no data to support this level of construction for increased parking, that they do not calculate return on investment for their projects, and that a study might be performed or completed sometime early next year.

Eric also pointed out that while the median household income in Newark is only $51,128 a year (roughly $24 per hour), who must then pay for the salaries of the city staff . . .

. . . virtually every city employee is receiving anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 in pay raises and increases of $200 to $500 in their bonuses . . .

. . . more than a 50 of whom are already making over $70,000 to $140,000 a year!

Yes, even their bonuses are getting bonuses.

So you’ve heard the good and some of the bad. Now, it’s time for the ugly.

The City of Newark is embarking on an unsustainable financial future. The citizens are slowly catching on and its effects are bringing out the ugly sides of certain Council members.

Mayor Polly Sierer continued her personal assault on the citizens last night, ejecting our own New Castle County Coordinator, Brett Zingarelli, from the building after he obliged a request from a woman in the audience to pass a note over to her Councilman.

Brett’s adherence and attention to rules is so strong, he had never been kicked out of anything before in his entire life.

As a veteran of two overseas wars — which the Council had just applauded two weeks ago for Veterans Day . . .

. . . and a concerned citizen that has dutifully attended every council meeting for the last two years to fight for our rights and freedoms . . .

. . . he deserved better than what you’re about to read next.

Brett gave the note to the Councilman, per the woman’s request, and Mayor Polly Sierer immediately said, “Brett, you’re Out Of Order. You need to leave.”

Surprised and confused, Brett asked, “How am I out of order. What rule have I broken?”

The Mayor’s display of emotion was tragic, not answering his question and instead, hollering and screaming at Brett to leave the room as he tried to gather his belongings from under his chair . . .

. . . making a point to continue yelling at him as he walked through the crowd to the exit doors, making members of the audience uncomfortable, even up to the point where he physically passed through the doorway.

U.S. Army Specialist Zingarelli was officially kicked out of a public meeting and building by one person, the Mayor, for no reason . . .

. . . with several Council members fully admitting after the meeting that he had broken NO RULE and had done NOTHING wrong!

District 4 Council member, Marge Hadden, notorious for voting with the establishment and being confused during the meeting discussions, also went on offense against some concerned citizens and tried to rally support for the city purchasing military-grade AR-15 rifles for the Newark Police Department.

And when a member of the audience, who is educated in the subject of firearms, tried to quickly answer one of her minor questions —

— she became red in the face, told him to “SHUSH” and then violently shook her finger for an awkward 3 to 4 seconds.

Here are a few more highlights from Newark’s proposed 2015 budget:

The entrance to the new $1 Million Curtis Mill “parking lot” park on Paper Mill Road will have its entrance blocked while the city tears up the street for a hasty water pipe repair that should have been included in the “parking lot” park plan.

They now want to develop Old Paper Mill Road Park across the street.

The city wants to spend $8.9 Million on an electric substation that is not only over-sized for the short-term, but will not be fully utilized for 50 to 100 years.

  • $1.3 Million in pay increases for city staff
  • the City Manager raking in a $150,000 salary
  • a last minute referendum proposal to change the city’s charter
  • a Rain Tax identical to what has been implemented in Maryland
  • and so much more . . .

We’ve got a big job to do in Newark over the next 3 weeks and your help will be needed. You’ve got to become involved to help stop this unsustainable train wreck.

This email alone identifies nearly $25 Million Dollars of spending that is of lower priority than the $8 Million in storm water drain repairs that have gone ignored by this Council and Mayor, as well as previous ones.

Please call Mayor Polly and her dutiful, “Yes, M’am” members below. Tell them to reject this budget until it stops spending money on any new projects outside of the storm water drain system that has been neglected for 16 years and has critical, live utility feeds running through it.

Mayor Polly Sierer 302-690-1741
District 2 Todd Ruckle 302-893-1601
District 4 Marge Hadden 302-983-9087
District 6 Stu Markham 302-456-1755

Don’t listen to their excuses. Don’t fall for their talking points.

Just tell them to focus on essential city services that are in scope with the city charter and stop straying into the unnecessary and low priority spending projects contained in the current 2015 budget proposal.

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. While one of our own was wrongfully ejected from the building by an overzealous Mayor Polly, we still achieved a temporary victory last night in delaying the vote on a water rate tax hike.

That tax increase will now be wrapped into the overall budget decision at the next Newark Council meeting on December 15th.

Please call the Council members listed above and tell them that the current 2015 budget is unacceptable; they need to force City Administration to halt all projects and focus on the $8 Million storm water drain repairs that they have ignored for almost two decades!

Budget Season in Newark: Higher Taxes & More Wasteful Spending

Starting TONIGHT, it’s budget season in Newark for the next two weeks.

Do you know what Newark City Council has been wasting your money on?

Every year… the City of Newark collects more tax revenue than ever before.

Every year… City Council claims they are broke and need to tax you more.

So, where does the money go?

Get ready. We’re about to tell you.

It definitely isn’t being spent on the critical infrastructure repairs that should be #1 priority.

They have been neglecting the storm water drains for decades — even running critical utility feeds through them as they are crumbling!

They don’t pay attention to complaints from homeowners and businesses that their properties are being flooded.

They don’t even seem to care about traffic accidents on flooded streets.

Recently, the City Manager and Council spent . . .

  • An “unspecified amount” to give City Department Managers a 3% raise
  • $73,360 on a Municipal Building Security Upgrades “Report” (ordered by staff without Council approval)
  • $85,100 for a new Building Access Security System
  • $93,085 for Voice over Internet Protocol phones
  • $100,000 to renovate 25 Tree Pits on Main St.
  • $157,000 to install drains under a Little League field
  • $517,410 on legal expenses to work around and/or cover up the negligence and malfeasance of the City Manager & other staff members  during the Data Center/Power Plant fiasco
  • Plus many, even more wasteful pet projects, which we will be highlighting by email over the next two weeks!

And they are in the process of planning even more for the coming year.

We don’t have anything against tree pits or baseball field drains; we just consider them lower priority than safe streets and preventing storm water from flooding our homes and businesses.

Now the Mayor and Council want to raise your water rates AGAIN — and still none of this money is targeted for storm water drain repairs.

For that, they are planning to DOUBLE DOWN on tax increases and push for a citywide Rain Tax.

We need to tell them to use the money they already receive on the high priority projects of storm drain and road repairs first.

Come to the Newark City Council Meeting TONIGHT November 24th at 7pm and tell them “NO WATER RATE HIKE!”

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The City of Newark wastes hundreds of thousands of dollars on low priority projects.

Then they claim to not have enough money and keep raising your taxes!

Come to the Newark City Council Meeting TONIGHT, November 24th at 7pm and tell them “NO WATER RATE HIKE!”

NOTICE: Another Utility Rate Hike In Newark

The City of Newark is continuing to take more of your money.

We are currently in the heart of budget season, and they are trying to find as many ways as possible to raise our taxes.

After three utility rate hikes in 2013, the City Council will be voting to increase our water rates again this Monday, November 24th.

They love to attack our wallets in the form of these tax hikes, call them “fees,” and collect more money for their excessive and unnecessary projects.

They expect another 7% increase to bring in an additional $590,000 to their annual budget.

Do they think diamonds come out of our faucets?

Ironically, many residents complain about their water quality, and rely on personal water filtration systems to make the water drinkable.

This poor quality of service surely does not deserve a higher price tag.

They are also claiming they have cut the budget to “bare bones.” However, a quick scan shows they want to spend $600,000 replacing all of the City’s street lights with LED light bulbs!

They will try to convince people that the more efficient light bulbs will pay for themselves over time. However, it is silly and wasteful to replace any light bulbs before they naturally burn out.

This is just the first in a long list of wasteful spending by the City in the past, as well as proposed for the future.

Interestingly, by not increasing the water rates and not replacing the light bulbs, the budget re-balances.

We need to tell the City Council that this is not too hard! If you cut the unnecessary projects and spend only on the services that are absolutely necessary, you do not need to increase our taxes.


We all work very hard for the money we earn. We would like to keep that money for enjoyment and to support our families.

The City is trying to get as much of that money as they can for pet projects and low priority wish list items.

Let’s let them know enough is enough and that we oppose the water rate increase.

Newark City Council Meeting
Monday, November 24th
220 South Main Street (Elkton Road)
Meeting and Public Comment starts at 7:00 PM


  • You can show up early and sign up for specific agenda items or public comment, or wait until all sign ups have spoken and freely step up to the microphone. State your name, where you are from, and take up to 3 minutes.
  • NOTE: The Mayor may try to silence you by saying that you cannot talk about the water rate hike until later in the evening when the Council votes on it. If you explain to her that you cannot stay because you have other things to do, she does have the discretion to allow your voice to be heard during public comment.
  • Later in the evening, if you signed up or are still in the room when the rate hike comes up for a vote, tell them to “Stop Wasteful Spending” and “No More Tax and Fee Increases!”



In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The City of Newark is trying to get an extra $590,000 of our money by passing another water rate hike this Monday.

They must think that diamonds pour out of our faucets!

They want this extra money to fund needless and wasteful projects. Let them know we oppose them taking any more of our hard earned money.

Please Call Todd Ruckle About His Parking Meters Today


At this point, we’ve caught the Newark City Administration scamming, scheming and outright lying about the new parking meters in Newark.

But despite all the evidence of corruption —

— Councilman Todd Ruckle is still refusing to change the situation and make things right!

We need your help TODAY, Eric; before tonight’s Newark Council Meeting at 7:00 PM.

Please call Councilman Ruckle at (302) 893-1601 and tell him to stop playing games with your money.

Make sure he knows that you want him to make the council RE-VOTE on his money grab meters.


The “Ruckle Meters” were purchased by the city for $300,000 and estimated to bring in an additional $650,000 to the city budget.

But that wasn’t good enough for the city bureaucrats.

They wanted to trump themselves by scamming an estimated EXTRA $55,000 from the citizens by clearing the meters when cars pull away and keeping any leftover money.

They said refunds were impossible. That was a lie.

They said the default charge amount couldn’t be the minimum. That was a lie.

And Council Members Polly Sierer, Stu Markham, Marge Hadden, and Todd Ruckle voted to move forward with the meters.

But then we acquired internal email communications exposing collusion among the City Staff and with Council Member Stu Markham to suppress information and avoid questions from another Council Member —

— even plotting to “tag team” the discussion to guarantee their desired outcome.


With all of this new information that the Council was denied when they originally voted on it, it’s absolutely critical that they RE-VOTE on the Ruckle parking meters.

The person who cast the deciding vote must hear from you. He’s the only one who might change his vote and make things right.

Call Councilman Todd Ruckle at (302) 893-1601 and tell him to make the Newark Council RE-VOTE on his meters and to change his vote to NO.

The council meets tonight at 7:00 PM in the Newark Municipal Building at 220 South Main Street (Elkton Road).

As always, Newark Campaign for Liberty will be there to keep our members informed.

But right now, we need your help to shake Councilman Todd Ruckle from refusing to stop stealing your money. 

Please make the call. And thank you for all you do for liberty.

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Delaware Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Despite all evidence that the Newark City Administration lied to Council and colluded with Councilman Markham to suppress information and “tag team” against another Council Member —

— Councilman Todd Ruckle still refuses to make things right and stop stealing from the citizens.

Please call Councilman Ruckle at (302) 893-1601 before tonight’s Council Meeting at 7:00 PM.

Tell him to make the Council RE-VOTE on his Ruckle Meters and change his vote to NO.

Recent documents released by FOIA.
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