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This year in Dover, your General Assembly will be considering a dangerous measure that may spell the end for the U.S. Constitution as we know it.

Last year, Senator Bryan Townsend (D-11) introduced a dangerous Article V application, S.C.R. 6, in the Delaware Legislature.

The resolution attempts to utilize the untested “convention” process to propose and ratify amendments to the federal Constitution . . .

. . . and Townsend’s resolution calls for the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case to be overturned!

Senator Townsend’s progressive resolution passed the Delaware Senate last year in a party line vote of 11 – 8, with two senators too scared to even cast votes.

Now, the bill has already progressed out of the House Administration Committee and sits on the House Ready List, available for a vote in the even more liberal House of Representatives.

I’m afraid if you and I aren’t able to show massive opposition to S.C.R. 6, our most valued rights could be utterly dismantled.

Please sign our petition to prevent an Article V Constitutional Convention right away!

As you well know, the federal government has operated outside of the constitutional boundaries originally laid out by the Founders for decades.

Unfortunately, instead of holding the politicians in DC accountable for violating the Constitution, misguided politicians all over the country are attempting to solve the problem by simply amending the Constitution . . .

. . . the same Constitution politicians currently refuse to abide by!

However, there is an even bigger problem with the Article V Convention process.

Simply put, because it has never been attempted, none of the self-proclaimed “experts” know what will happen at a convention if they get their way.

And that’s just one reason Delaware Campaign for Liberty opposes an Article V Convention.

The Constitution itself doesn’t spell out the convention process or how delegates should be chosen.

So progressive activists will be able to use their money and influence to affect the entire process.

In fact, several George Soros and Bloomberg-funded left-wing front groups are actively clamoring for a constitutional convention, including organizations like the Center for Media and Democracy, Code Pink, the Sierra Club, and the secretive Wolf-PAC.

Soros and his pals want to use their dominance over powerful liberal states like California, Illinois, and New York to limit free speech or repeal the individual right to bear arms.

ANY Article V Convention proposal would put all of our rights on the chopping block, because it gives unelected, unaccountable delegates free rein to rewrite the entire Constitution.

That’s why it’s so important we stop the politicians in Dover before it’s too late!

Please call and email the following ultra-left-wing sponsors and tell them to reverse course and oppose a dangerous Article V Convention!

Rep. Tim Dukes (R-Laurel)
[email protected]

Rep. Bryon Short (D-Highland Woods)
[email protected]

Rep. Paul Baumbach (D-Newark)
[email protected]

Rep. Quinn Johnson (D-Middletown)
[email protected]

Rep. Helene Keeley (D-South Wilmington)
[email protected]

Rep. Sean Lynn (D-Dover)
[email protected]

Rep. Sean Matthews (D-Talleyville)
[email protected]

Rep. John Mitchell (D-Elsmere)
[email protected]

Rep. Edward Osienski (D-Newark)
[email protected]

Rep. Trey Paradee (D-Cheswold)
[email protected]

Rep. Kim Williams (D-Newport, Stanton)
[email protected]

Rep. John Kowalko (D-South Newark)
[email protected]

Do you trust the progressive organizations calling for an Article V Convention to do the right thing and rein in the federal government?

Do you trust the powerful special interests, backed by George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and their ilk to do the right thing?

If not, click here to sign our petition to prevent an Article V Constitutional Convention!

Then please get on the phone and urge the left-wing politicians listed above to remove their names from Democrat Bryan Townsend’s Senate Concurrent Resolution 6.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
State Coordinator
Delaware Campaign for Liberty

P.S. An Article V Convention is dangerous and will likely hand our Constitution over to committed leftists like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

Here are a few more reasons it just won’t work:

*** Delegates will be selected by the political elite with little or no recourse for their actions.
*** Once assembled, the convention would be pure chaos.
*** Any number of constitutional amendments could be considered, regardless of what your lawmakers say. Every single word of the Constitution is subject to change.

Click here to sign our petition to prevent an Article V Constitutional Convention!

Then call and email the legislators listed above and tell them to reverse course and oppose a dangerous Article V Convention!