Delaware’s Last Day is Today

This is it; the final day of Delaware’s 147th General Assembly.

Any bill that doesn’t pass tonight will be gone and whatever liberty-shredding idea it represents will have to be resubmitted next year.

I’ll be thankful when this night is over, but the truth is, it’s the most dangerous night of the entire cycle.

Tonight, both the House and the Senate will suspend the rules more times than they do all year long.

Tonight, they will stop the clock at 11:59 PM, make deals into the wee hours of the morning, and ram through new laws that the public has no chance to review.

And tonight, we’ll be there to watch over them, apply pressure, and report back to the citizens.

There are two ways you can help now:

  • Join us in Dover for any period of time after 4:00 PMto tell these legislators — in person — how to vote.
  • Stay engaged at home, paying attention to our LIVE UPDATES on Facebook and Twitter, and calling their phone lines through the night.

We made a helpful information brochure that will be handed out to those who join us in the State Capitol at 411 Legislative Avenue, Dover, DE 19901.

CLICK HERE to download our Last Day Literature.

We also compiled all of the phone contact information available for each legislator.

CLICK HERE to download our Contact Information Sheet.

And finally, stay tuned to REAL-TIME UPDATES from our team tonight at our social media pages. If you haven’t LIKED or FOLLOWED these pages yet, please do so now:

It’s going to be a long night of fighting for our freedom. I encourage you to participate any way you can.

If you look at that list of bad bills in our literature, it’s clear that every little bit is going to count.

But after the dust settles and we take a day to recharge our batteries, it will get even more fun —

— we’ll be able to finish creating this session’s Delaware Hall of Shame.   

Stay vigilant with us.

For Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty