Gov Markell Still Wants to Gag You

Campaign for Liberty

Governor Markell is demanding the legislature silence liberty activists by passing House Bill 187, the Gag Act.

This bill would require Campaign for Liberty and any other pro-liberty group that talks about the records of politicians to hand over lists of their supporters to a government monitoring agency.

In other words, it gives the politicians in Dover an “enemies list” to go after if you try to speak up about their voting records or engage with fellow citizens to advocate for a cause.

Now, in the closing days of the legislative session, Gov. Markell and House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf are scheming to ram through this attack on free speech.

This bill is critical to the plans of the political class in Dover to secure their power by ensuring the voters cannot learn of their voting records to take away your liberty.

I have received word from liberty activists all over the state confirming they’ve contacted legislators to oppose this bill.

The good news is that you are making a difference. 
Just a few weeks ago, an inside source at the Capitol told me they didn’t have the votes, but now they’ve made a few insignificant changes to give legislators enough false comfort to ram this bill through.

We cannot let our guard down. 
Until the gavel falls and the legislative session is closed, Speaker Schwartzkopf and Gov. Markell will continue to pressure lawmakers to push this bill through so they can secure their power.

To stop Gov. Markell and Speaker Schwartzkopf, I need you to call the members of the House Economic Development, Banking, Insurance, and Commerce Committee today. Tell them to vote NOT FAVORABLE on HB 187. You can find their contact information by CLICKING HERE.
Make sure they know that any attempt to pass the buck and avoid taking a position by voting “ON MERITS” is equal to voting in favor of the bill.
Their committee vote of NOT FAVORABLE is the only acceptable vote.
We cannot let this bill get out of that committee.
The very essence of the First Amendment will be crushed by the Gag Act and the days of fighting for freedom will be numbered.

Thank you for all you do for liberty.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Gov. Markell and House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf are determined to silence liberty activists by passing the Gag Act, House Bill 187. To stop them, call the members of the House EDBIC Committee and tell them to vote NOT FAVORABLE on HB 187.

Contact those members by CLICKING HERE.

Recent attempts to make meaningless changes to the bill indicate that your calls are working and have thrown a monkey wrench into their plans to silence liberty activists, but we must keep up the pressure through the end of session.
Please call the EDBIC Committee members today.