Gun control moving forward in Delaware

Campaign for Liberty
The anti-Second Amendment efforts of politicians and powerful lobbyists just won’t stop.

Representative Robert Mitchell of Wilmington and Senator Patricia Blevins of Elsmere sponsored anti-gun House Bills 192 and 201 earlier this year, both of which were passed just after 1:00 AM on the last day of session and were signed by Jack Markell in August.

House Bills 192 and 201 virtually erased the long-standing, state preemption protection of your Second Amendment rights.

With their legislation, every county and municipality government in Delaware can now write their own laws against your right to carry in their buildings.

But it was more than that.

The legislation also set a precedent that the gun control lobby is salivating over. One of their ultimate goals is to create an open season for local governments to erode and destroy our constitutional, Second Amendment rights.

This legislation was a major step forward for the anti-gun lobby. And they are wasting no time in putting this new tool to use.

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The City of Lewes passed their gun ban a few months ago, but their Chief of Police refuses to enforce it, saying he cannot enforce an unconstitutional ordinance!

The Mayor of Elsmere tried last month, but was shot down by his council in Senator Blevins’ own backyard!

After figuring out some legislative loopholes and twisting some arms, he vows to bring it up again on October 8, and says he’s confident he has enough anti-Second Amendment votes for victory.

Now, we need your help to push back on the anti-Second Amendment agenda in your county or municipality.

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This anti-gun legislation originated from Newark lobbyist Rick Armitage and a small group of city administrators who meet regularly as part of an organization called the “League of Local Governments.”

That small club of city administrators across Delaware have been scheming together to push their agenda at the state level – outside of their charge to dutifully serve the people of their towns and cities.

Adding an even stranger twist to this anti-Second Amendment effort, Rick Armitage also doubles as the registered lobbyist in Dover for the National Rifle Association.

Why would the NRA want to push anti-gun legislation, stripping you of your right to self-defense in public buildings?

Why would multi-client lobbyist Rick Armitage want to give criminals an open season on defenseless people in more “Gun Free Zones”?

We may never get answers to those questions, but now we have to deal with fighting the gun control agenda in every town and city across Delaware.

Eventually, we need to see House Bills 192 and 201 repealed.

But until then, I urge you to please sign up to handle the simple task of monitoring your town, city, or county council in defense of the Second Amendment.

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In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Representative Robert Mitchell, Senator Patricia Blevins and professional lobbyist Rick Armitage worked together to push House Bills 192 and 201 through the state legislature this year.

Those bills effectively erased constitutional, state preemption protection of our Second Amendment rights. Now, we have to watch every local government carefully and keep pressure on local politicians to prevent local gun bans in public buildings.

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