HBxxx No Guns In City Buildings

HBxxx No Guns In City Buildings

Also called the “Muni Gun Ban,” this drafted legislation is intended to prohibit firearms from all police stations and municipal buildings, as well as any building — publicly or privately owned — where a government entity is meeting or occupying.

News of the legislation was uncovered in the minutes of ​Newark’s ​departmental weekly report from April 2, 2015:


…an excerpt from page 17, regarding a Delaware League of Local Governments (DLLG) meeting on March 26th. Note the presence of Newark’s newly hired lobbyist:


DLLG Legislative Advocacy Committee

Meeting Minutes
March 26, 2015
Duncan Center, Newark


Samuel Cooper, Mayor, Rehoboth Beach
Polly Sierer, Mayor, Newark
Teresa Tieman, City Manager, Harrington
Carol Houck, City Manager, Newark
Marge Hadden, City Council, Newark
Mark Lally, DLLG Lobbyist
Jesse Savage, Town Manager, Bridgeville
Michael Spencer, Mayor, Newport
David Hugg, Town Manager, Smyrna
Eugene Dvornick, Town Manager, Georgetown
Guest: Rick Armitage, Newark Lobbyist


The group met to reach some degree of closure on pending issues and bills, and consider final positions. following much discussion, directions on some key issues were not finalized.

Firearms Bill

-Much discussion – legality of amending legislation vs. individual municipal regulations.

-Bottom line – why can’t municipalities and counties have the same protection the State has in this regard?

-More work to do. Mark and Rick will get a sense of support from Senators Blevins and Simpson, Representative Smyk, and others.