Is Newark Councilman Todd Ruckle serious?

Is Councilman Todd Ruckle saying one thing, but doing another?

Comparing his words to his voting record is truly puzzling.

Councilman Ruckle has continued to support tons of useless spending within the City and votes to tax more of your money away to fund it.

Yet, during the recent Christina School District referendum, he was very vocal in his opposition for increasing the school taxes, challenging the School Board to enact budget cuts instead.

How does oppose taxes for the school district, but then behave in exactly the opposite manner as a deciding vote on a City Council — where he actually has control over the matter!

At one single council meeting alone, he voted to raise our property taxes and to raise our water rates.

Let’s suppose Todd thinks the City’s budget is already cut to the bone.

Then why, at the very same meeting, did he vote to spend nearly $200,000 on solar powered trash cans for Main Street?

At this past Monday’s Council meeting, he again voted to spend another $130,000 on yard waste cans and to give them out for free to the residents.

This is despite the fact that members of the public suggested the City sell the cans to recuperate the cost for this valuable, but non-essential service.

All of this spending will be overshadowed by the threat of a $14 million parking garage for Main Street.

Todd’s solution to this one is to form a public-private partnership where the private sector and the City would somehow partner in this endeavor.

“Public-private partnership” is another term for crony capitalism, plain and simple.

When government and industry mix, trouble inevitably follows. Favorites are picked, while competitors are rejected. Profits are privatized, while losses are picked up by the taxpayers.

There is a much easier solution.

The City could sell the land upon which the proposed garage sits, and let the private industry decide if a garage is even needed!

And if they decide one is needed, they can put their own money up to build it, without the entanglements of the City.

The sale of the land would surely bring in around $3-7 million, which could go a long way to solving the City’s biggest issue . . .

. . . our crumbling Storm Water System.

He previously sold the residents out with the recently installed ‘smart’ parking meters.

He supported the idea that money left on a meter after a customer pulls away should be stolen and given to the City, rather than being left for the next customer.

In a brief moment of empathy, he promised that he would try to modify the meters to refund that extra money back to the original customer.

After a quick phone call, we discovered that the meters were already capable of refunding unused money!

And yet, after this was brought to Todd’s attention almost 6 months ago, he has done nothing about it.

Broken promises?

During this six months, around $25,000 has been stolen from meter customers, many of which are Newark residents, in this “Ruckle Reset.”

As each day passes, more and more money will be stolen, until Todd gets his act together.

Finally, at the next Council meeting, on March 9th a bill that Todd sponsored will go up for vote.

With this bill, he is trying to restrict the height of your back yard fence!

A resident in his district has a problem with a tall fence his neighbor built. While the concern is valid, this does not call for liberty-stripping legislation!

See, these types of disputes should be settled by the courts, who can evaluate them on a case-by-case basis.

If every neighborly grievance led to legislative restrictions, we would have NO liberties at all.

That is why we have three branches of government – to establish a separation and balance of powers:

  • legislative branch to craft a simple set of laws
  • executive branch to carry out those laws
  • judicial branch to interpret and enforce the laws

Todd should really understand this – especially as he is supposedly part of one of those branches!

Please let Todd know that he really needs to start voting better.

Call him today and tell him to stop staring at his cell phone, and start paying attention to the residents of Newark!

Todd Ruckle: (302) 893-1601

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Todd Ruckle, in his first year of council, has done a pretty bad job.

He has repeatedly voted for tax increases, while also approving wasteful spending. He continually supports money being stolen from residents via the ‘smart’ parking meters.

And he does not even understand the separation of powers in our three-branch government system. After stealing your money at his meters and throwing it into solar powered trash cans, he now wants to tell you how to build a fence.

Please call Councilman Ruckle today at (302) 893-1601 and urge him to figure out what he stands for.