It Just Isn’t Fair

Campaign for Liberty
I’ve heard it in countless news stories.“It just isn’t fair.”

A college girl jogging through the University campus at night, an elderly woman walking down a city street to the store, a young mother at home during the day with her kids…

…but all too often, they aren’t the ones who say the words.

Instead, it’s usually a grieving family member or neighbor fighting through tears to talk with reporters.

We never hear that the victim had a firearm. And that’s not just a coincidence.

The politicians of Delaware come back from recess on June 4th. This message will inform you of the next rounds of gun-grabbing bills on their agenda when they get back.

Then I’ll tell you what you can do to stop them.

It is your natural right to defend yourself and your family. But this fight is not just about your ability to protect your family.

It’s also about your family being able to protect themselves when they’re away from home.

Every time I hear someone sobbing out those words, “It just isn’t fair,” I have to agree. There are a lot of things in this state that aren’t fair anymore.

And our state legislators keep giving criminals a bigger and bigger advantage over the innocent.

Women, children, and veterans in particular are targets of the bipartisan, gun-grabbing statists in Dover.

So far, two anti-gun bills have passed, further destroying our State and Federal Constitutions. And if partisan politics were a reality, at least one of them — and maybe even both — could have been killed.

>>>  House Bill 35, the de facto gun registration bill that expanded background checks, was passed by extremely close, bipartisan votes: 24–17 in the House, and 13–8 in the Senate. There were Republicans and Democrats on both sides in both houses.>>>   Senate Bill 16, a bill that can put innocent victims of theft in prison for 2 years, passed by even closer votes: 11–10 in the Senate, and 22–19 in the House. Again, there were Republicans and Democrats on both sides in both houses.

It’s the most shameful display of bipartisan deal making against liberty I’ve ever seen at the state level.At least from HB-35 to SB-16 the votes got closer, showing that rising concerns about the gun bills are making it tougher for the statists to push their agenda.

Our legislature can be swayed under the right political pressure.

From June 4th to June 30th, the most dangerous bills of the season will be rammed through — unless you and I act with more resolve than ever.

During those 26 days, you and I are the only ones standing between a world where good people have guns, and one where only the criminals and political elite have them.

House Bill 88 for gun confiscation is ready to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  • Under the typical guise of “mental health checks,” this is the most anti-gun bill of the year, threatening all law-abiding citizens and our veterans.
  • This bill will allow the government to rapidly expand mental illness definitions and force all levels of health care professionals to report the most minor of comments and thoughts to the state for the purpose of firearms confiscation.
  • The bill also provides for INVOLUNTARY detainment and hospitalization, and gives FULL IMMUNITY to health facilities if they comply and provide confidential medical information to law enforcement.
  • This bill passed the House 40-1 — the most mind-boggling, Constitution-shredding vote in Dover since they stripped powers of arrest from the County Sheriffs last year. There is no doubt that a deal was made behind closed doors. Sadly, most legislators probably didn’t even read the bill.
House Bill 73 is ready for a vote in the House.
  • This useless bill increases existing penalties that are already being plea-bargained away by the Attorney General, resulting in conviction rates of less than 0.1%.
  • It will allow backstabbing politicians to say they “did something” during election season, paving the way to re-election so they can continue their rampage against our rights and liberties.

House Bill 67 for Unsafe School Zones is ready for a vote in the House.

  • This bill will leave all teachers, administrators, and parents completely defenseless against the next madman who wants to go after our children.
  • This bill puts a big, neon sign over all public schools saying, “easy, defenseless targets.”
  • If this bill passes, the most dangerous moments in our children’s future will be the moments they spend on school property.

House Bill 58 for arbitrary magazine capacity limits is ready for a vote in the House.

  • This bill is entirely unenforceable without registration or inspection, which is ultimately what the bill is intended to set the stage for.
  • It will limit your ability to fully defend yourself, your family, and your property in times of disasters or if you face multiple assailants.
  • This discriminatory bill creates special classes of citizens by giving unlimited capacity privileges to certain people based on their field of employment.

It’s critical that you call your State Legislators every single day in June.

Click here to find your State Legislators.

Tell them you expect them to VOTE NO on House Bills 58, 67, and 73.

And tell your State Senator to VOTE NO on the most dangerous bill of all, House Bill 88.

Don’t let veterans lose their right to defend themselves at home after they sacrificed so much overseas.

Don’t let the government continue to disarm people who believe in freedom.

Don’t let women lose the right to defend themselves from theft, rape, death, or all of the above.

Don’t give the advantage over teachers and children to madmen at our schools.

Friends and loved ones should not be forced to hear the words, “…there was a long, frantic struggle, which finally ended when the attacker beat the head of his victim against the ground multiple times, knocking her unconscious.”

Click here to find your State Legislators.

Tell them to kill these gun bills!

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. There are FIVE anti-gun House Bills ready for the statists in Dover when they get back from recess on June 4th. Please call your legislators EVERY DAY and tell them to VOTE NO on House Bills 58, 67, 73, and 88.

Don’t let these slick politicians talk you into backing down.

Don’t believe their lies.

Click here to find your State Legislators.

Tell them to kill these gun bills!