Mayor of Newark Wants To Silence the Public!

The Mayor of Newark, Delaware wants to silence the public.

That’s right — Polly Sierer holds disdain for the people she was elected to represent, joined by Councilman Stu Markham.

Newark City Council meetings have often run late into the night due to useless legislation.

However, certain people want to blame the public’s interest in OUR government for these long meetings.

On November 10th, Polly & Stu tried to change the rules for how the public is treated during the meetings.

They wanted to prohibit the ceding of time from one member of the public to another.

They also wanted to restrict the number of items on the agenda that the public was allowed to comment on.

And worst of all, they wanted to move public comment to the end of the meetings . . .

. . .which can sometimes be 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning!

This was a deliberate attempt to reduce the public’s voice, as many members of the public do not make it to the end of these long, wasteful meetings.

The public came out en mass to protest this attempt to silence them. Many went on record stating how disgusting these proposed changes were.

As thunderous applause broke out from one citizen speaker to the next, Polly threatened to throw people out of the meeting for clapping!

She stated how inappropriate this behavior was. No, Mayor Polly, it was your behavior that was inappropriate!

All of the above items were defeated at the November 10th meetings. However, do not let Polly off the hook.

She really revealed her true colors in a November 12th article in the Newark Post.

“The proposed changes that were withdrawn could be discussed eventually,” quotes the article.

Polly dismissed the public’s outrage, stating that “We heard from 25 to 30 voices last night.” The meeting started off with a lot more than 30, but many left the meeting, which dragged on until 1:45am.

They spent an hour and a half just debating this egregious item to silence the public.

She also questioned “whether the opposition heard at Monday’s meeting represents a majority of the Newark residents.

Let her know that her hatred of the public is unacceptable, and she will be held responsible.

Call Polly at (302) 690-1741 and tell her “The public will not be silenced!”

Make it clear that we will not tolerate a future attempt to limit the public’s voice.

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The Mayor of Newark, Polly Sierer, and her political cohort, Stu Markham, hold contempt for the public they were elected to represent and are trying to silence their voice in local politics.

They tried to change the meeting rules to reduce the public’s ability to speak.

The public came out and expressed their outrage, but Polly dismissed them as a vocal minority.

Help let her know this was NOT a vocal minority.

Call Polly at (302) 690-1741 and tell her, “We will not be silenced!”