No Snake Oil Gun Bills

Campaign for Liberty

Years ago, phony medicine men would show up with “snake oil” that would cure all of your ills.

Today, Delaware Representatives show up with legislation to “cure all of Delaware’s crime problems” with the same healing properties of the old snake oil.

With only days left in the 2013 legislative session, this is the most crucial time for our voices to be heard.

Each chamber of the State Legislature has what is called a “Ready List” showing the bills that have passed out of committee, and are ready to be called to the chamber floor for a vote — at the whim of the House Speaker or Senate Majority Leader.

And the leadership is continuing their assault on the 2nd Amendment with several bills designed to increase penalties for activities that are already illegal.

Do they really think we are that dumb?

Does anyone believe violent felons will suddenly stop trying to get a gun because the legislature increased the penalty by two years?

Does anyone believe creating a “gun-free zone” will magically protect children?

In years past the legislature would have easily passed these bills with the timid consent of so-called “sportsman’s groups,” but now with the voice of reason from Campaign for Liberty members, these issues are getting tougher to pass.

Because of grassroots citizens like you, the first two gun-grab bills were almost killed.

The first bill passed by only three votes, and the second passed by just one vote.

In fact, if it were not for misguided amendments offered by certain “pro-gun” associations, and seemingly shady lobbying from their leadership, both bills would have failed.

Now is the time to call your State Representative and let them know you are not buying any more of their “gun control” snake oil.

Putting arbitrary limits on the number of rounds that can go into a gun’s magazine doesn’t make anyone safer.

Creating areas where only criminals can carry guns doesn’t make anyone safer.

Increasing the penalties for possession of a firearm by a few months doesn’t make anyone safer.

The only thing that will make you safer is allowing law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families –- without having to worry about subjective and arbitrary limits placed on Second Amendment rights.

House Bills 37, 58, 67, 73, and 82 are currently on the “Ready List” in the Delaware House.

Please contact your State Representative and ask him or her to vote against these Snake Oil Gun Bills.

Click here to find your State Representative’s contact information.

I urge you to call your State Representative immediately —tell him or her to VOTE NO on all of these pieces of legislation.

Your action cannot come soon enough.

Please call your State Representative TODAY.

In Liberty,

Eric R. Boye
State Coordinator
Delaware Campaign for Liberty
302-SAY-2-CFL (302-729-2235)

P.S. Please let your State Representative know you are not going to buy their “fake snake oil” gun bills.  Ask him or her to vote NO on House Bills 37, 58, 67, 73, and 82.

Click here to find your State Representative’s contact information.