NOTICE: Another Utility Rate Hike In Newark

The City of Newark is continuing to take more of your money.

We are currently in the heart of budget season, and they are trying to find as many ways as possible to raise our taxes.

After three utility rate hikes in 2013, the City Council will be voting to increase our water rates again this Monday, November 24th.

They love to attack our wallets in the form of these tax hikes, call them “fees,” and collect more money for their excessive and unnecessary projects.

They expect another 7% increase to bring in an additional $590,000 to their annual budget.

Do they think diamonds come out of our faucets?

Ironically, many residents complain about their water quality, and rely on personal water filtration systems to make the water drinkable.

This poor quality of service surely does not deserve a higher price tag.

They are also claiming they have cut the budget to “bare bones.” However, a quick scan shows they want to spend $600,000 replacing all of the City’s street lights with LED light bulbs!

They will try to convince people that the more efficient light bulbs will pay for themselves over time. However, it is silly and wasteful to replace any light bulbs before they naturally burn out.

This is just the first in a long list of wasteful spending by the City in the past, as well as proposed for the future.

Interestingly, by not increasing the water rates and not replacing the light bulbs, the budget re-balances.

We need to tell the City Council that this is not too hard! If you cut the unnecessary projects and spend only on the services that are absolutely necessary, you do not need to increase our taxes.


We all work very hard for the money we earn. We would like to keep that money for enjoyment and to support our families.

The City is trying to get as much of that money as they can for pet projects and low priority wish list items.

Let’s let them know enough is enough and that we oppose the water rate increase.

Newark City Council Meeting
Monday, November 24th
220 South Main Street (Elkton Road)
Meeting and Public Comment starts at 7:00 PM


  • You can show up early and sign up for specific agenda items or public comment, or wait until all sign ups have spoken and freely step up to the microphone. State your name, where you are from, and take up to 3 minutes.
  • NOTE: The Mayor may try to silence you by saying that you cannot talk about the water rate hike until later in the evening when the Council votes on it. If you explain to her that you cannot stay because you have other things to do, she does have the discretion to allow your voice to be heard during public comment.
  • Later in the evening, if you signed up or are still in the room when the rate hike comes up for a vote, tell them to “Stop Wasteful Spending” and “No More Tax and Fee Increases!”



In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The City of Newark is trying to get an extra $590,000 of our money by passing another water rate hike this Monday.

They must think that diamonds pour out of our faucets!

They want this extra money to fund needless and wasteful projects. Let them know we oppose them taking any more of our hard earned money.