One Victory Leads to More

Campaign for Liberty

Our amazing victory on House Bill 88 late last month was called a “grassroots miracle.”

It literally stopped the remaining gun grab bills dead in their tracks and made national news

Prior to that, Delaware state legislators had passed two bills on the statists’ anti-gun agenda. Three more were on the “Ready List” — waiting to be voted through.

Our first victory on HB-88 was on Thursday, June 27th. However, powerful players were at work and tried to bring it back on June 30th, the last day of session.

Many supporters were at the State Capitol with me on that last night as we stared down the politicians into the wee hours of the next morning, and we kept them from bringing HB-88 back for a second attempt.

Hundreds more were at home, making the phone calls that kept the pressure on from around the state.

When they ended session for the year at 1:30 AM, we had won. And you have to admit, it sure feels good to finally see liberty win.

Remember, at the start of this session we were a new group in Delaware. Other groups that were larger than us led the way, while one unconstitutional bill after another crossed the finish line into law.

It’s important for you to know we are not going to allow this winning momentum to stop.

Last month, each county group discussed potential local fights to take on, revolving around five basic issues:

  • Property Rights
  • Unmanned Law Enforcement Devices
  • Education Freedom
  • Firearms Freedom
  • Healthcare Freedom

In every group, there were major concerns related to property rights and education — specifically the adoption of Common Core. Health care, Unmanned Law Enforcement Devices, and firearms were unanimously considered for statewide fights.

We also started to assemble our door-to-door canvassing volunteers. We wrote down shirt sizes for each volunteer so we could order C4L polo shirts. The shirts will give us a professional look that will help us to achieve results when canvassing neighborhoods.

I’m pleased to report that each of these volunteers will receive their C4L polo shirt at the meetings this month.

And finally, we’re moving at a rapid pace in terms of events across the state.

On July 4th, Kent County C4L volunteers enjoyed the afternoon at a booth in the Dover Independence Day Celebration.

People lined up to sign the Declaration of Independence, and we brought in 100 new contacts after just a few hours at this event. Days after the event, people in Dover were still talking about their interest in Campaign for Liberty.

At the end of this month, we will have the same booth set up across the street from the State Fair. (Our Kent County meeting for this month will be at that location.)

And in August, we have secured a booth at the famous Middletown Peach Festival, where over 40,000 people are expected to be on Main Street!

In our meetings over the next two weeks, we’ll continue to roll out our strategy for local fights and sign up volunteers for events and more door-to-door canvassing.

Here are the times and locations for the June meetings:

West New Castle County – Monday, July 15th, from 7-9:00pm
Newark Senior Center (Activity Room)
200 White Chapel Drive
Newark, DE 19713

South New Castle County – Thursday, July 18th, from 7-9:00pm
North Star Grill & Lounge
380 E. Main Street
Middletown, DE 19709

Sussex County – Friday, July 19th, from 7-9:00pm
Abundant Life Church
20488 Donovans Road
Georgetown, DE 19947

North New Castle County – Wednesday, July 24th, from 7-9:00pm
Emmanuel Presbyterian Church
1006 Wilson Road
Wilmington, DE 19803

Kent County – Thursday, July 25th, from 7-9:00pm
Chick’s Saddlery
18011 S. Dupont Hwy
Harrington, DE 19952

Let’s keep that excitement going and not let a good victory go to waste.

I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

In Liberty,

Eric R. Boye
State Coordinator
Delaware Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Help contribute to the fight for liberty in Delaware. Join us at the next meeting and get involved.

We’re growing fast and making great progress. If you believe in freedom and want to bring meaningful change to our local and state governments, please be at the next meeting in your area.