Something’s Rotten in Newark

Campaign for Liberty

Bureaucrats don’t just walk in and assume the power to write their own rules, spend millions of dollars of taxpayer money on no-bid contracts, and twist zoning laws to benefit their developer buddies.   

Someone has to give that power to them.   

And more often than not, it’s the small governing bodies, made up of rubberstamp, “yes” men and women, who aim to please rich and powerful players instead of their constituents.   

They dutifully hand over their elected powers to unelected bureaucrats.   

But in Newark, that status quo has begun to change on the city council – and the bureaucrats in the city administration are working overtime to stop the positive change.   

Certain city council members are actually starting to take their oaths of office seriously, and they’re starting to represent the will of the people – striking down a few bad proposals and crony deals.   

Unfortunately, we still have more work to do.   

As you’ve probably heard by now, the city manager and pro-establishment mayor unilaterally hired a consultant – without council discussion or a vote – and scheduled a forced “retreat” to “build relations between the council members and city staff.”   

And when two council members asked for the retreat to be put on hold until the council could hear more and set the agenda, the mayor and his rubberstamp, “yes” members shut them down.   

Thanks to your activism, we’ve found out more about this mandatory training session.   

The stated agenda has changed slightly and was hastily posted on a City Hall bulletin board sometime last weekend.  Here are the points that we found most interesting:   

– “Discuss the Council-Manager form of government” 

– “Clarify the roles of both council individually and collectively and the management staff”   

If you were a power-hungry city administration and wanted council members to abdicate more of their responsibility to you, who would you hire as a consultant for your mandatory retreat?   

If you said, “a former municipal manager who doesn’t believe in the rightful powers of representative government,” that would be a pretty good guess.   

The consultant hired for this Saturday’s retreat is a former municipal manager who resigned under a cloud of controversy for the same improper behaviors being experienced in Newark today.   

His city hired a private investigation firm to look into his office and they verified the allegations and grievances were correct.   

His actions clearly show that he views a municipality as a corporation, the city manager as the CEO, and the city council as an irrelevant formality.   

I hope you’ll join us on Saturday and hear exactly what this consultant tells (or “teaches”) the people you elected to represent you.   

Through the pressure of our presence alone, it may force him to give a different kind of lesson.   

Here is the retreat information:   

Saturday, June 21, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 
Newark Country Club 
300 W. Main Street 
Newark, DE 19711   

I hope to see you there.   

In Liberty,   

Brett Zingarelli 
New Castle County Coordinator 
Delaware Campaign for Liberty 

P.S. There’s something rotten in Newark, and it would be a pretty good guess that the “instructional” retreat planned behind closed doors is part of a bigger plan for unelected bureaucrats to get more power over the purse strings of our city.   

Certain city council members are being forced to attend a potentially biased training, being led by a former municipality manager who was run out of his own town for not taking representative government seriously. 

Help us give them good company this Saturday, at the Newark Country Club (300 W. Main Street in Newark) from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  Keep the pressure on bad actors of corrupt government and hold them accountable for any false information they feed to our newly-elected officials.