Stop the Armitage Gun Bans

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The powerful anti-gun lobby is close to grabbing their next Delaware victory.

This time, they’re in the city of Newark. Will your town be next?

You may not be familiar with the behind-the-scenes effort that has been taking place to restrict your gun rights and create more “gun-free zones,” but . . .

. . . thanks to the efforts of a longtime NRA lobbyist from Maryland, Richard Armitage, more gun rights are being removed in municipal and county buildings all across the state.

The anti-gun city council in Lewes was the first to act in July before the Governor even signed the Armitage Bans into law, then Bethany Beach, Delaware City, Dover, Elsmere, Newport, and Townsend passed their “Armitage Gun Bans.”

Now, officials in Delmar, Middletown and Wilmington are preparing to strip away 2nd Amendment rights.

The final vote in Newark is scheduled for Monday, January 11th. If this next anti-gun ordinance is passed, citizens will no longer have the right to openly carry and defend themselves in Newark’s municipal buildings.

And that’s how they get your gun rights, chipping away one small piece at a time, one local council at a time.

It also strengthens every municipal building’s profile as a so-called “gun free zone,” where all recent mass shooting tragedies have been taking place!

Honestly, I’m outraged by this compromised erosion of our liberty and safety. I hope you’re fired up, too.

Please sign our “Stop the Armitage Gun Bans” petition today to show your support for the Second Amendment and citizen self-defense.

The City Administration in Newark, and particularly Mayor Polly Sierer, has long been hostile to citizens having any ability to defend themselves with anything from firearms to tasers.

In April, they hired a seasoned NRA lobbyist from Maryland, Richard Armitage, to also lobby Delaware state politicians on behalf of the City of Newark and help spread their radical agendas statewide.

And even though one Newark council member questioned whether there would be a conflict of interest, lobbyist Armitage still accepted the position and the city council voted to hire him.

Soon after, he offered proposed legislation to them for an “optional” city municipal building ban, even admitting to council that the NRA “helped write the bill.” He then sought out sponsors to ram his legislation through the state House and Senate.

To get around the state preemption law, which forbids lower governments from enacting gun restrictions on their own, Armitage made the gun bans “optional,” causing gun grabbing officials in the Delaware League of Local Governments to salivate over the opportunity to take away more firearms freedom.

House Bill 192 was introduced on June 16th by State Senators Patricia Blevins and Representative John Mitchell, both anti-gunners from the City of Elsmere.

They even replicated the language into House Bill 201 to remove similar gun rights in county buildings.

Both Armitage bills passed in the chambers of the legislature in Dover by July 1st. Governor Markell then signed the Armitage Gun Bans into law on August 17th.

In other words, lobbyist Armitage was successful in ramming two anti-gun bills through the legislature in less than 2 weeks . . .

. . . leaving no time for citizens to learn or voice opinion about the 2nd Amendment infringements.

Since then, multiple anti-gun city councils, such as Elsmere, Seaford and Lewes, have already jumped at the chance to take away your constitutional rights of self-defense.

I hope you agree that it’s absolutely outrageous for an NRA lobbyist from Maryland to be peddling anti-2nd Amendment laws as a dual agent for gun grabbing city councils in Delaware.

That’s why I also hope you will sign our “Stop the Armitage Gun Bans” petition today.

If you live in Newark, your council’s vote is on January 11th.

If you do not live in Newark, call your city and county council members right away and voice your opposition to the Armitage Gun Bans.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The City of Newark’s administration has hired a longtime NRA lobbyist from Maryland to operate as a dual agent and push their radical anti-gun agenda across the state.

Lewes, Seaford and Elsmere have already banned open carry for self-defense in their buildings, raising their profiles as extremely dangerous “gun free zones.”

The vote in Newark is January 11th. Will your town be next?

Please sign our “Stop the Armitage Gun Bans” petition today and call your local government officials to voice your opposition on this latest erosion of your 2nd Amendment rights.

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