Tell DE GOP Chair It Never Even Happened

Campaign for Liberty

Campaign for Liberty supports your right to belong or not belong to a political party, and we are not a partisan organization. But we do want to make sure the political process is fair and open.

In short we believe the rules should be respected, especially since political party officials often influence legislation that affects everyone’s liberty.

That is why we are so concerned with the actions of the Delaware GOP.

You see, the GOP is required to submit proposed rule changes to the delegates 30 days before a state convention.

They didn’t.

As a result, the rules were changed to give a handpicked few complete control of the Republican Party — effectively snuffing out any voices of dissent.

After our last call to action went out, great patriots like you flooded the GOP Executive Committee with emails and phone calls.

Thanks to all of you who took a few moments to make your voice heard.

The Executive Committee met in Dover on September 19th to finally rule on the matter.

The parliamentarian provided a report arguing that the rules should stand because no one objected to their process violation at the time of the vote.

And he would be correct, except people did object.  But the chairman ignored the objections and rammed the rules through.

And just when you think this could not get any more ridiculous, two members of the Executive Committee noticed that none of this was recorded in the minutes of the convention.

When I say “none of this” –- I mean the proposed rules, the objections, nor the vote.  None of this is in any record anywhere.

Yet the Executive Committee is still pushing forward with the new rules.

This is like watching an episode of the Keystone Cops.

Only the GOP Vice-Chair, Nelly Jordan, and Sussex GOP Region Chair, John Rieley, are standing with the grassroots party members.

This is exactly the time when grassroots members of the GOP need to stand behind these two brave patriots on the Executive Committee.

Call and email the Delaware GOP Executive Committee members again. We can’t let them think we’ve forgotten about this.

Demand they vote to declare all unrecorded rule changes and resolutions from the 2013 State Convention null and void, not to be implemented or in force.

Delaware GOP State Headquarters

Chairman Charlie Copeland
[email protected]
[email protected]

Vice-Chair Nelly Jordan
[email protected]

National Committeeman Laird Stabler
[email protected]

National Committeewoman Ellen Barrosse
[email protected]com

New Castle County Committee Chair John Rollins
[email protected]

Northern New Castle Region Chair John Morton
[email protected]

Western New Castle Region Chair David Gilefski
[email protected]

Southern New Castle Region Chair Rob Stout
[email protected]

Kent County Region Chair Hank McCann
[email protected]

Sussex Region Chair John Rieley
[email protected]

Feel free to forward us any email replies you receive from them.

The next GOP State Executive Committee meeting will be in Dover on October 17th.

Please reply to this email if you are interested in attending to observe the actions of the GOP State Executive Committee on that day.

In Liberty,

Brett Zingarelli
New Castle County Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Call and email the Delaware GOP State Executive Committee members listed above, and DEMAND they vote to disregard and not implement the unrecorded rule changes and resolutions from the 2013 State Convention.

Then REPLY to this email if you would like to attend and observe the next GOP State Executive Committee meeting scheduled for October 17th in Dover.