Tell DE GOP Chair “No Illegal Rule Changes!”

Revolutions don’t occur from the arm of your couch or from behind a computer screen.

As you know, Campaign for Liberty is a non-partisan organization. We work to advance the cause of liberty in the public square, wherever and whenever liberty needs a voice.

We do not support one political party over another.  We even support your right not to belong to any political party.  So please keep this in mind as you read this email.

The 2013 Republican Party of Delaware Convention was a partial success for the liberty movement, and I will share those details with you in a future email.

But right now, I need your help to stop an attempted coup from the party establishment.

Delaware Republican Chairman John Sigler has just proven his disdain for the grassroots, the GOP platform, and anything resembling the rules.

Chairman Sigler used a trick right out of the dirty playbook and tried to pass illegal resolutions at the GOP State Convention on April 27th. And we only have until Monday to stop the new rules from taking effect. 

While Campaign for Liberty is a non-partisan organization, many of our members have become personally involved in the GOP, as they attempt to transform the political landscape in their own backyards.

And many of our members — many of whom are lifelong members of the GOP — were present at that convention.

Resolutions to change party rules were brought to the floor at the convention without warning and without the 30-day advanced notice that is required for such rule changes.

Our members were able to join with others to defeat the first illegal proposed rule change that would eliminate the standard proceeding of electing a temporary Chairman for the start of each convention.

But the establishment passed a second illegal resolution giving the top two state politicians of the party new voting powers on the State Executive Committee.

This action by John Sigler is disenfranchising grassroots voices in Delaware, and we can’t allow that to stand unchallenged.

The resolutions for proposed rule changes were brought to the floor illegally and, according to the rules, are INVALID.

As Chairman, John Sigler freely violated Party rules by allowing these resolutions to be brought to the floor and trying to hastily move them through voting procedures.

Call Chairman John Sigler at 302-668-1954 and email him at[email protected] or [email protected] right away! Demand he adhere to the previous rules.

Article VIII, Section 3 of the Delaware GOP Rules clearly states,

“Proposed amendments shall be prepared in th[e] appropriate form by the Rules Committee for presentation to the Organizational Convention. The report of the Rules Committee and those proposed amendments by such committee shall be sent to the Convention District Chairpersons at least thirty (30) days in advance of the Organizational Convention.”

Unfortunately for the establishment, that never happened.

In fact, one of the Convention District Chairpersons has confirmed a report of the proposed changes did not end up in his possession until ONE DAY before the convention.

Please call the Delaware GOP State Headquarters today at302-668-1954 and email the following committee members:

Chairman John Sigler
[email protected]
[email protected]

Vice-Chair Nelly Jordan
[email protected]

National Committeeman Laird Stabler
[email protected]

National Committeewoman Ellen Barosse
[email protected]

New Castle County Committee Chair John Rollins
[email protected]

Demand the committee respect the will of the voters and release a formal statement acknowledging both proposals were illegal and void, and NO RULE CHANGES will result from the 2013 Delaware GOP Convention.

Demand the illegal proposals be stricken from the GOP Convention records.


In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Please help me stop the outrageous abuse of power perpetrated by John Sigler and other committee members. Call the Delaware GOP State headquarters today at 302-668-1954and email the committee at the email addresses noted above.

Demand the committee respect the will of the voters, strike all 2013 Rules Committee proposals and resolution votes from the record, and make NO CHANGES to the Delaware GOP rules and by-laws from this year’s GOP State Convention.

Be sure to contact Delaware’s Republican Chairman, John Sigler, right now! Tell him, “No illegal rule changes!”

John Sigler
[email protected]
[email protected]
(302) 668-1954