Tell Them To “Table” the Gag Act

Campaign for Liberty

Your action is urgently needed to stop Delaware’s “Gag Act.”
House Bill 187 must be TABLED in the House Economic Development, Banking, Insurance and Commerce Committee before it’s too late.
Did you know that committee votes have absolutely no bearing on whether or not a bill will pass out of committee in Delaware?
Unlike most states, Delaware state legislators can vote against a bad bill in committee to look good to their constituents, but then sign the “backer” (the back of the bill) to move it along in the liberty-shredding process.
You see, the only thing that does matter is whether a majority of the committee members sign the back of the bill.
They also do not publish the votes of committee members online or release them to the public without a lot of hassle.
This makes the committee process in Delaware virtually irrelevant and gives us yet another issue that we will need to fight at a later date.
But right now, our best bet to stop the Gag Act from being passed in Delaware is if SIX of the Economic Development, Banking, Insurance and Commerce Committee Members at this link vote to TABLE House Bill 187.
That’s because the bill’s primary sponsor, Rep. Ed Osienski of Newark, flat out refuses to have it stricken from the record.
Inside sources have indicated that they plan to bring the Gag Act up for a committee hearing as early as Wednesday, June 4th.
That’s why it’s absolutely critical you sign our latest petition to “Stop the Delaware Gag Act” TODAY.

Please click here to sign the petition.
We need as many signatures as possible BEFORE June 4th, so we can print and deliver them in time for that committee hearing.
This assault on our rights of free speech, assembly, and petitioning the government will effectively crush activist groups – both liberal and conservative – as well as the noble activities of many non-political charities and organizations all across the state.
People across the country have watched as our federal government has been caught abusing the unconstitutional powers of the IRS, targeting and suppressing groups of citizens who dare to question their elected officials and expose their voting records.
Now, they are pushing out a coordinated effort to do the same thing at the state level, and Delaware has been chosen as one of the guinea pigs to test this state-level scheme to silence its citizens.
There is absolutely no excuse for a piece of legislation like this to be proposed anywhere in the United States of America, and we need to stop this statist experiment right here in the First State.
The sheer weight of paperwork and regulation requirements behind this bill will end operations in Delaware for organizations you love – both in and outside of our state.
Please take a few minutes now to sign our “Stop the Delaware Gag Act” petition today and forward the link to family, friends, coworkers, and any groups or clubs you may belong to.
And that includes people that you don’t normally talk about politics with. We no longer have the luxury of being cautious or holding back in this fight for freedom.
House Bill 187 must be TABLED in the House Economic Development, Banking, Insurance and Commerce Committee.
Click here to call the members of the EDBIC Committee and demand they TABLE House Bill 187.

Your action is needed now to preserve a liberty that we cannot afford to lose.
In Liberty,
Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty
P.S. The Gag Act will devastate charities and organizations in Delaware – both political and non-political – and stop the operations of those outside the First State. This assault on the First Amendment can move forward as early as Wednesday, June 4th.

Please click here and call the members of the House EDBIC Committee to demand they TABLE House Bill 187 in that committee. Make it very clear that there is no acceptable alternative.

P.P.S. Then have everyone you know sign our Stop the Delaware Gag Act Petition, so we can deliver that same message to the committee members in person before it’s too late.

It’s time for citizens throughout Delaware to come together and protect the First Amendment. Please do not fail to act at this critical time.