The Mobsters Meet This Monday

Campaign for Liberty

Politicians in the City of Newark are acting like cutthroat mobsters, and their actions could affect every citizen in the State of Delaware.

There are real problems facing the city, but the new mayor and the city council are still dedicated to lining their pockets with cash — as well as the pockets of well-connected corporations.

The Newark City Council Meeting will be held at City Hall, this Monday, December 9, at 7p.m.

On the meeting agenda, there are three items that need to be defeated:

  • Water rate hikes
  • Rain tax
  • Increase in pay for the mayor and council

After hammering the citizens with an unproven, costly, and unnecessary deal with Honeywell Corporation to install new meters last year, the council increased electric rates earlier this year.

Then they increased their pensions.

Now, not only is the Newark City Council and the new mayor planning to stiff taxpaying citizens with a 7.2% increase to their water rate, but they also want to make even more money for all of this fine work.

And the icing on the cake? A rain tax…

You may have heard about the rain tax in our neighboring state of Maryland. Literally, it’s a tax on the rain that runs off of the land of each property.

Council Member Stuart Markham is leading the charge and no council member is voicing any opposition.

The city of Newark will initially implement flat storm water utility rates of $7.50 per month for residential properties and $30 per month for commercial and industrial properties.


IRONICALLY, Newark is ready to give a $7.5 million grant to a private corporation to build a data center and power plant that the citizens of the town do not want in their backyard.

I don’t know about you, but getting a $7.5 Million dollar grant for the city storm water repairs sounds like a much better idea.

The city council meeting is Monday, December 9, at City Hall, at 7p.m. Every citizen in Newark should attend and demand that the water rate hike and rain tax be defeated.

Politicians can never pass up on new opportunities to TAKE more money from the citizens. Every politician across the state is going to jump on this new tax idea if it passes in Newark on Monday.

Meanwhile, how much do you think the newly elected mayor and council members are planning to increase their pay?

Council members will receive an extra $1,500 per year, while the mayor will receive an additional $2,100.

There’s CERTAINLY one drainage system WORKING in Newark — the flow of taxpayer dollars into the hands of politicians and bureaucrats.

Please help by notifying anyone you know in the city limits of Newark about this important meeting.

If you want to stop getting shaken down by a handful of mobster politicians, make sure these measures in Newark get stopped in their tracks on Monday.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The Newark City Council is planning on passing a rain tax, water rate hikes, and an increase to their own salaries this Monday, December 9, at City Hall, at 7p.m.

Tell all Newark property owners to show up early and register with the secretary for up to 3 minutes of speaking time at the start of the meeting.