The Speaker needs to speak up

Campaign for Liberty

Your First Amendment rights are about to be trampled, and where is Speaker Schwartzkopf?

The man who holds the gavel and one of the most powerful people in Delaware politics has yet to publicly weigh in on the Gag Act (HB 187).

His public silence is betraying him.

When we asked you to contact him and publicly oppose the bill, he instead sent me the following explanation. . .

“I don’t support the bill, never have, and I told the sponsor I would not vote for it.”

Frankly Mr. Speaker, that’s not good enough.  You need to be publicly opposing this.

Here’s some facts. . . He’s Democrat Speaker of the House with a Democrat majority, the bill is still alive, and the bill is from the Democrat caucus with all Democrat sponsors.

This means one of two things.

  • He actually supports it, or
  • He’s telling the truth and has absolutely no control over his own caucus.

Either way, it isn’t good news for Delaware, and we need you to take action again.

Call Pete Schwartzkopf’s office right now at 302-744-4351 and demand that House Bill 187 be STRICKEN from the record and that he publicly oppose this bill.

Let him know that it’s unacceptable for him to watch members of his own majority caucus gag assault our 1st Amendment American freedoms of speech and assembly.

Click here to sign our Stop the Delaware Gag Act petition.

It’s time for us as citizens to provide a new way.

Help us steer this politician back onto the right stage. Call Speaker Schwartzkopf today at 302-744-4351 and tell him to get his caucus under control.

If he doesn’t support House Bill 187, the Gag Act, then he has the power to make sure it is STRICKEN from the record immediately.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Delaware Speaker of the House, Pete Schwartzkopf, says he doesn’t support the Delaware Gag Act assaults on our 1st Amendment, but isn’t doing anything to have it STRICKEN from the record.

Call his office at 302-744-4351 and demand that he exercise leadership over his own caucus and stop their Gag Act attack on our freedoms of speech and assembly.

Tell him to have House Bill 187 STRICKEN from the record immediately and to come out publicly against it.

And click here to make sure you sign the petition to stop the Gag Act.