Todd Ruckle is invading your backyard

Newark Councilman Todd Ruckle is trying to invade your back yard.

At tonight’s Council meeting (March 9th), a bill that Todd sponsored will go up for vote.

With this bill, he is trying to restrict the height of your back yard fence!

A resident in his district has a problem with a tall fence his neighbor built. While the concern is valid, this does not call for liberty-stripping legislation.

See, these types of disputes should be settled by the courts, who can evaluate them on a case-by-case basis.

If every neighborly grievance led to legislative restrictions, we would have NO liberties at all.

That is why we have three branches of government – to establish a separation and balance of powers:

  • legislative branch to craft a simple set of laws
  • executive branch to carry out those laws
  • judicial branch to interpret and enforce the laws

Councilman Ruckle should really understand this – especially as he is supposedly part of one of those branches.

Call him today and tell him to remove this item from tonight’s agenda.

Todd Ruckle: (302) 893-1601

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Todd Ruckle wants to restrict back yard fence heights.

He clearly does not  understand the separation of powers in our three-branch government system. This fence dispute should be left to the courts, not the legislature.

Please call Councilman Ruckle today at (302) 893-1601 and tell him to remove this agenda item from Monday night’s meeting.