Vote Coming This Morning on Gun-Grab Bill

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The State Senate may be voting as early as this morning on HB 88 — a bill that empowers and requires complete strangers to take away your Second Amendment rights — with no due process of law.This draconian bill has a sordid history, and I have included the details below.But right now your urgent help is needed.  

It is imperative you contact your State Senator right nowand tell him or her to vote NO on HB 88.  Click here to find your State Senator’s contact information.

We have come very close to stopping other gun-grabs in the Delaware Legislature.  We only lost by one vote last time.

Together, we can defeat HB 88 — but I need you to take action immediately!

In Liberty,

Eric R. Boye
State Coordinator
Delaware Campaign for Liberty

P.S.  Click here to find your State Senator’s contact information; then call and demand he or she vote no on HB 88.

Once you have done that, please read the message below to find out how greed, power, and corruption have conspired to take away your freedom.

MEMO:  Greed and Corruption Conspire Against Freedom

Every once in a while, a bill in Congress comes along that makes you wonder just how much worse government corruption can possibly get.

In fact, a local political action committee in Delaware made a few discoveries this month concerning lobbying activity. If true, these discoveries could mark the most devious betrayal of conservatives and gun owners in all of Delaware’s history.

Governor Markell’s ultimate gun-grab prize, House Bill 88, has made it onto the Senate agenda, and a vote could come any minute now.

And it doesn’t look like it got this far without some very special help.

I’ll get to the questions of corruption in a minute. But first, let me show you a real world example of why this bill needs to go down in flames.

Click here to read the story of Arthur Lovi from Arlington Heights, IL. Illinois has a law similar to Delaware’s House Bill 88. Arthur’s story offers a glimpse of what is coming to Delaware if this bill is not stopped.

It’s a perfect example of how simply talking to a therapist can quickly turn into a horrendous, life-changing event under such laws.

You’ll have to read his story to get all the hair-raising details, but I think his attorney, Dan Kiss, summed it up pretty well in the article:

“That’s an extreme abuse of power. It’s bad enough to come to someone’s house and take their guns. It’s another to get them effectively imprisoned under phony allegations of mental illness.”

Your past phone calls about this bill forced 5 members of the Delaware Senate Judiciary Committee to vote “ON MERITS” when they passed House Bill 88 to their Ready List.

Not one of those Senators wanted to take a position on the record with their committee vote, and the 6th member didn’t even show up!

They would rather pass the buck to Majority Leader David McBride and the rest of their colleagues.

Click here to find your State Senator’s contact information
, and call him or her immediately! Demand a NO VOTE on HB 88.

People all across the state are now asking how this crown jewel of gun-control sailed through the Delaware House with a 40-1 vote.

Consider that every other gun-grab bill this year barely passed — and only due to “bipartisan” backroom amendment deals arbitrated by professional, “pro-gun” compromisers.

When First State Liberty, a local grassroots organization, decided to look at the list of lobbyists on the bill, it raised some disturbing questions.

And when the Chairman of the Republican Party of Delaware abruptly resigned a week after those activists started their digging, it really raised some red flags.

At the top of the list was then-Chairman of the Republican Party of Delaware and former President of the NRA, John Charles Sigler. He also happens to be the current President of the Delaware State Sportsman’s Association (the NRA state affiliate group).

Sigler was lobbying on House Bill 88 for the DSSA at the exact same time he was lobbying on it for a company he essentially manages, Psychotherapeutic Services (PTS), Inc.

One of our members has found that PTS is just one of at least 9 wholly-owned subsidiary companies of parent corporation, Associated Service Specialists, Inc. — and John Sigler is listed as the Manager!

Citizen investigators have uncovered that these companies may have accumulated nearly $10 million from state contracts with Delaware since 2009, and have similar contracts with at least 4 other state governments.

The provisions of House Bill 88 are related to services provided by the subsidiaries of Sigler’s parent company, Associated Service Specialists, Inc.

Did you read the part of Arthur Lovi’s story where he was whisked away by policemen to be involuntarily “screened” for mental illness?

The screening and “rehabilitation” measures are where John Sigler’s companies could come in and bankroll on the injustice.

Did John Sigler use his position as Delaware GOP Chairman to pressure Republican lawmakers to roll over for the Governor’s top gun-control prize?

Did he use his role as President of the DSSA and former President of the NRA for personal gain — arbitrating weak compromise amendments to pass a bill — while selling out gun owners for personal profit?

You’ll have to make up your own mind. We’re just raising questions.

How could a person whose company brings in millions of dollars from state contracts ever have been selected as a Republican Party Chairman — the party that espouses less government intervention, less welfare, fiscal responsibility, and the strength of the private sector?

As a Republican friend of mine said when he heard this, “We’ll never know everything, but it sure doesn’t smell like roses.”

This bill — with all of its shady-looking shenanigans — must not pass through the Senate and onto the Governor’s desk.

Please call your State Senator IMMEDIATELY.

In Liberty,

Eric R. Boye
State Coordinator
Delaware Campaign for Liberty
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P.S. If Dover politicians are able to pass HB 88 TODAY — the Governor’s ultimate gun-control prize — every gun owner will be at risk, and people who may truly need help will no longer seek it.

Click here to find your State Senator. Tell him or her to vote NO on House Bill 88.

P.P.S. Don’t let your Senator join forces with Jack Markell, John Sigler, and their gang of bipartisan, gun-grabbing politicians. This bill exploits the sad issue of mental illness — for profit, gun confiscation, and involuntary detainment.