We did it! Now, let’s keep up the good work…

We did it, Newark!

Thanks to all of your efforts and phone calls, City Council got the message loud and clear – that we did not want to make the process of adding debt any easier.

At the February 9th Council meeting, almost all council members stated that they were not in support of a charter change that would alter the mechanism for gaining debt.

And they all clearly stated that they felt this way due to tremendous outcry from their constituents.

Our voices were heard – so let’s keep up the good work!

For the city to take on additional debt under the current charter, there must be two specific things:

  1. Five votes of YES on the 7-member City Council.
  2. A referendum vote by the citizens

Let’s make sure we block this at step 1 to avoid an unnecessary referendum.

The City wastes our money so much, it should be clear and obvious there is no need to go into debt.

Instead, they should curb wasteful spending and get their priorities in order.

  • They spent $300,000 on trash “compacter cans”
  • They spent $600,000 on lawyers to try to force the power plant on us
  • They spent $100,000 on a new phone system that makes it harder to get in touch with the staff
  • And it goes on and on . . .

And when Councilman Todd Ruckle isn’t telling people how high their fences can be, he’s pushing a $14 Million crony-capitalist project for an unnecessary parking garage on Main Street — with no money to pay for it.

It only takes is 3 council members to block this debt and one of those council members could be yours.

Call the mayor and your council member now. Tell them to pay down our debt and get their spending in order:

District 1: Mark Morehead (302) 521-9525
District 2: Todd Ruckle (302) 893-1601
District 3: Rob Gifford (302) 803-0451
District 4: Marge Hadden (302) 983-9087
District 5: Luke Chapman (302) 293-7639
District 6: Stu Markham (302) 456-1755
Mayor:     Polly Sierer (302) 690-1741

If you are not sure which council member represents you, you can look it up by street name here.

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. We beat back the proposed charter change thanks to your phone calls and attendance at the Council meeting.

But the City is still going to move forward and try adding to Newark’s current $22 Million debt!

Call Mayor Polly Sierer and your City Council member today at the numbers listed above and urge them to Vote NO on any debt increases.

Tell them that the key to balancing the budget is to cut their wasteful spending, not hurt our financial future.