We got another victory. Now do you really want liberty?

Campaign for Liberty

As you may have already heard by now, our trained activists sealed the deal this past week on our successful defeat of House Bill 88 – the outrageous, unconstitutional, search, seize, and detain legislation that Attorney General Beau Biden tried to skate through under the ruse of mental illness.

The anti-gun crowd thought they could use the tactic of “reconsideration” in the first three days of the year to bring the bill back for another vote.

Our activists delivered an almost unprecedented level of pressure by email, phone, fax, and physical presence inside the walls of Legislative Hall. The anti-gun crowd couldn’t get enough Senators to change their vote.

And then there was victory — again. It came at 4:08p.m., on Wednesday, January 15th, when the deadline passed for any further reconsideration trickery.

But the execution of those activities didn’t happen overnight. And it wasn’t through the traditional methods the political class tells us “work” in order to get the results we want.

It took a lot of planning and preparation in the months prior to those two days in order to see the end result.

It took new ideas and new tactics the political class doesn’t want us to know about —

— because these new ideas actually do “work.”

Many of you have been attending our monthly meetings across the state, where a great deal of education and planning occurs.

But nothing will prepare us more for our next battles
as a statewide team of citizen activists than your attendance at the Hartly One-Day Political Leadership School that I have personally arranged.

Please click here to make a commitment to the cause of liberty by getting your ticket to the #1 political school you will ever attend.

You have seen what can be accomplished by a few leaders who have already attended this school, and the additional ground support from our group members who have not.

Our goal should be to make sure all of our members go through this training.

Just imagine how much more we could accomplish for liberty.

If everyone receiving this email acquired the knowledge that will be taught on that day, it is my fervent belief that we will be virtually unstoppable.

  • No more ineffective, traditional tactics to sway our legislators.
  • No more inefficient communications with dodgy politicians.
  • No more falling for the endless list of tricks that the political class has up their sleeve to keep us distracted while they erode our liberties year after year, one bill after another.

Please join me in Hartly on February 1st, and learn how to successfully stop the government overreach that so many of us complain about.

Imagine a day when all of that complaining turns into celebrating.

We’ve had a taste of what is possible.

Reserve your spot today.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. If you really want to stop complaining about our out-of-control government and start celebrating more victories like the one our activists achieved this past week, please attend the One-Day Political Leadership School that I have arranged in Hartly, on February 1st.

Click this link to get your ticket for this important event.

And forward this to other like-minded patriots who have simply had enough of the constant attacks to take away our liberty through unconstitutional legislation in our State of Delaware.