We should not treat debt so lightly.

How easily do you put yourself into debt?

I know there are times when we have to take on some personal debt, like when the bills are stacking up and the money is temporarily coming in at a slower rate.

But it sure is a hard decision to make, as debt can be tough to work out of.

The City of Newark is currently around $20 Million in debt, due to unnecessary spending and financial irresponsibility.

And now they want to make it even easier for them to go further into debt!

For the city to take on additional debt under the current charter, there must be two specific things:

  1. Five votes of YES on the 7-member City Council.
  2. A referendum vote by the citizens.

On Monday, January 26th the City will begin discussion of changing it.

The changes will lower the required number of City Council votes to FOUR . . .

. . . and ELIMINATE the referendum vote by the citizens — continuing the city’s blatant disregard of the citizens and their voice.

Debt has its time and place, but should never be incurred casually.

There are many unnecessary, yet expensive, projects that the City Administration is chomping at the bit to begin. By making it easier to incur debt, it will make it easier for them to push their pet projects through.

Call the mayor and your council member now. Tell them that debt is serious business and to stop this proposed charter change in its tracks.

District 1: Mark Morehead (302) 521-9525
District 2: Todd Ruckle (302) 893-1601
District 3: Rob Gifford (302) 803-0451
District 4: Marge Hadden (302) 983-9087
District 5: Luke Chapman (302) 293-7639
District 6: Stu Markham (302) 456-1755
Mayor:     Poly Sierer (302) 690-1741

If you are not sure which council member represents you, you can look it up by street name here.

In Liberty,

Jeff Lawrence
Newark Local Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. The City of Newark wants to make it easier to incur debt by lowering the Council vote requirement and eliminating the voice of the people by referendum vote.

We are already roughly $20 Million in debt, so we should hardly be making it any easier to take on more.

Call Mayor Polly Sierer and your City Council member today at the numbers listed above and urge them not to make this change to the city charter.