Where Do Your Candidates Stand On Liberty Issues?

Campaign for Liberty

Are you tired of the antics in state politics?
Have you had enough of politicians who verbally claim fidelity to limited government and personal liberty while campaigning but then do the polar opposite after they win the election?
Many of our elected officials on the federal level seem to blatantly ignore our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  And many state officials carry that Big Government philosophy over right into our own backyards.
Every year, new laws are passed limiting our rights and giving unelected bureaucrats new authority to interfere in our lives.
It is imperative we work to repeal the laws that legislators and bureaucrats are using to trample our rights and instead pass common-sense laws that protect our liberty.
That is why Delaware Campaign for Liberty is working on a Candidate Survey Program.  Each candidate for the state legislature received a survey of seven important questions — questions that officially put candidates on record on liberty issues.
Candidates were asked where they stand on:

  • Tax and fee increases
  • Eminent Domain  
  • Right to Work
  • Common Core
  • Constitutional Carry   
  • Warrantless Surveillance
  • ObamaCare Nullification

Click here to learn where your candidates stand on these important issues.

As we work toward liberty, it is critical to have current and potential legislators on record concerning constitutional issues.  Therefore, it is vital we receive responses from as many candidates as possible.
Some candidates don’t want to go on the record – they are using evasive maneuvers to avoid responding to our questions.
Their silence betrays them.  If they can’t be trusted to answer basic liberty questions, they certainly can’t be trusted to vote correctly if elected.
If your candidates have not yet answered our questions, please take a moment to contact them and ask them to complete and return their Campaign for Liberty surveys right away.
In Liberty,
Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Click here to view current survey results.
P.P.S. Campaign for Liberty does not support, endorse, or oppose candidates for office.  The goal of the Campaign for Liberty Survey is only for keeping candidates true to their word should they be elected. It should not be construed as an endorsement of any candidate.
You are encouraged to view the websites and statements of each candidate to make an informed decision on candidate positions.