Will you accept the “Ruckle Reset” meters?

I just received the email attached below from Brett Zingarelli and I’m not surprised at how out-of-control the Newark, DE City Council has become.If you live in — or ever travel to — the City of Newark, DE, you will be affected by a change to their parking money meters.

And if you do not live in Newark, I’m willing to bet similar things are happening in your town that need to be exposed.

This is a great example of how important it is to keep the pressure on politicians and not believe their promises.

They have a tendency to hit their own “RESET” button.

Walking into the meeting, Todd Ruckle of Newark’s District 2 verbally committed to voting NO on this outrageous plan — bringing our activists’ vote count to FOUR Against, which would have defeated this monstrosity.

But when it came to a vote, Todd Ruckle betrayed his constituents and the activists by voting IN FAVOR of the money meter changes.

And to add insult to injury, this is a politician who touts himself as a “fiscally responsible conservative.”

Please read Brett’s email below to get a better understanding of the new “Ruckle Reset” meters in Newark.

And here’s some good news: This can be overturned.

Call the Council members in Brett’s email and demand that they reverse the “Ruckle Reset” ordinance that was passed last night.

And be sure to tell Mr. Ruckle at (302)893-1601 to press his RESET button again.

In Liberty,

Eric Boye
Delaware State Coordinator
Campaign for Liberty



Campaign for Liberty


Eric,At the Newark Council Meeting last night, there was a 4 to 3 vote in favor of stealing your hard-earned money.

Earlier this year, while our streets were flooding because the Council won’t fund repair of our storm water drains, the City Council approved a $300,000 deal for new parking meters that accept credit cards under the guise of “ease of use.”

And last night, FOUR council members decided to take it a step further —

— voting to activate a feature of these new meters that RESETS THE METERS when a vehicle pulls away from a parking spot that was paid for.

Here’s what this means to you:

  • You will never again pull in to pick up something from one of our Main Street businesses (like Take-Out food) and get the pleasant surprise of leftover time on the meter from the person who was there before you.
  • All extra money left on the meter will immediately go to the city instead of benefiting the community for parking as intended.
  • Council members who voted for these meters are trusting machines running on vulnerable, wireless WiFi networks with YOUR credit card information.
The four City Council members who voted for the RESET feature were upset that we slowed down their spending spree last year; mobilizing members of the community to defeat a 1% increase to your property taxes.Those members are:

Mayor Polly Sierer
Todd Ruckle (District 2)
Marge Hadden (District 4)
Stu Markham (District 6, Deputy Mayor)

Their excuse for voting in favor of the RESET feature was that it would “offset” their loss from not being able to raise your taxes.

But the Council admitted last night that the new meters, without the RESET feature, will bring in an estimated $740,000 of YOUR MONEY for the City Administration — equal to a 14% property tax increase.

Eric, these four Council members apparently couldn’t settle for that — still moving forward with the RESET feature for an additional, estimated $55,000.

This parking meter project continues a long trail of high dollar, low priority spending by our City Council instead of fixing the storm water drain system that is causing damage for so many of our residents and businesses.

Please call these Council members TODAY and tell them to stop spending like sailors while floating around on our flooding streets:

Polly Sierer, Mayor 302-690-1741
Todd Ruckle, District 2 302-893-1601
Marge Hadden, District 4 302-983-9087
Stu Markham, District 6 302-456-1755

In Liberty,   

Brett Zingarelli 
New Castle County Coordinator 
Delaware Campaign for Liberty 

P.S. The Newark City Council is not changing their tune, continuing to take more of your money and spend it on high dollar, low priority projects.

They will not stop unless they hear from you.

Please call the FOUR council members who voted for the parking meter RESET feature last night and tell them you are not happy with their vote

Polly Sierer, Mayor 302-690-1741
Todd Ruckle, District 2 302-893-1601
Marge Hadden, District 4 302-983-9087
Stu Markham, District 6 302-456-1755